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Crelate September 2018 Release Notes

Fall has arrived and with it comes our September 2018 release! Hot on the heels of our SMS integration, we're proud to announce the beta release of our Crelate Connector mobile app available on Android and iOS. Also included in this release are improvements to...

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What’s New at Crelate | September 2018 Product Release

We had a productive summer at Crelate and we’re happy to share what will be included in the September release. Crelate’s Recruiting CRM and Applicant Tracking System will receive a refreshed user interface along with more mobile texting capabilities and better...

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How To Reduce Unconscious Bias During the Hiring Process

While we’d all like to think the hiring process has become less biased over the last few decades, the data reveals we still have a long way to go in establishing a fair and unbiased hiring process. Many times, when an unfair hiring process plays out, the bias involved...

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Crelate’s What’s New July 2018

Your Crelate subscription just got a little bit better. Summer is in full swing, and our July 2018 release is ready to roll. The name of the game this month is integrations! We've been working hard to develop relationships with new partners and deepen functionality...

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How Recruiters Can Optimize The Candidate Experience

Recruiting in a candidate-driven market requires recruiters to take a different approach to talent acquisition. When you’re discussing opportunities with a candidate in today’s job market, chances are a few of your competitors are also vying for their services. Not...

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Welcome James Hemmaplardh

Today we are excited to announce the addition of James Hemmaplardh to our growing team. James joins the team as our lead Software Developer Engineer Tester (SDET) and will focus on product quality and internal automation. James brings years of software testing...

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Taking the Stress Out of Your ATS Data Migration

Few things will send recruiting firms into a fearful panic quite like the idea of embarking on an ATS data migration. But the truth is, data migrations, when executed by an experienced vendor, are actually very low risk, and easy to complete. The fear of a data...

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