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How to Explain Recruitment Fees to New Clients

Finding, evaluating, and placing the best candidate for a job is an art that professional recruiters hone through years of interaction with candidates and feedback from clients.

Most recruiting agencies, or independent recruiters, will post jobs, review hundreds of resumes from job applicants, proactively source huge numbers of additional passive candidates, prescreen, and schedule phone and in-person interviews. Then, they’ll…

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ATS Data Migration – Behind the Curtain: An Interview with Crelate Product Consultant Melody Spraw

Moving to a new applicant tracking system (ATS) can be a scary proposition for any staffing or recruiting agency.  All your candidate records – the hard-earned life-blood of your agency – are…

Redeployment Rate

What Is “Redeployment Rate,” and Why Is It a Crucial Staffing Agency Metric?

What Does It Cost Your Agency to Onboard New Talent? Though it can differ by agency and industry, the cost to your agency to onboard new talent is certainly not…

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