We power businesses that power the gig economy.

Recruiting software that’s as flexible as the flexible workforce.

What’s in the name?
Crelate – Pronounced /krēˈlāt/

The heart of recruiting is relationship building. Our name reflects this belief.

Create + Relationships = Crelate

Our mission

Crelate was founded to help talent-focused businesses build relationships with an increasingly dynamic global workforce. We believe great things happen when people and business come together around a shared interest and mutual benefit. We build software that reflects our shared values of collaboration, transparency and equality to help everyone connect with better opportunities.

Crelate’s mission is to grow lasting prosperity for all through the empowerment of entrepreneurship and employment.

Our guiding principles

Prosperity Engine

We are on a mission to be the most customer-centric talent engagement and recruiting software solution provider on the planet.

Whether we know it or not, we’re all gig workers now. Talent mobility is at an all-time high and the recruiting profession is rapidly adapting to meet this challenge; recruiting software needs to do the same.

– Aaron Elder, CEO of Crelate

Our Management Team

Board of Directors

Aaron Elder
Co-founder, CEO

Joe Onofrio
Five Elms

David Thacher
Product & Market Advisor

CEO & Co-Founder

Aaron Elder

CEO & Co-Founder

Aaron leads Crelate’s customer-centric approach to product design. A self-taught developer, experienced consultant and visual arts major; Aaron brings a blend of design, technical skills and customer empathy to the products he creates.

Crelate is Aaron’s 4th successful product. The first was sold to Microsoft in 2001, where he led the Application + UX development teams for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 1.x to 3.0. After, Aaron and his co-founders, started a technical consultancy, which grew quickly to almost 150 strong. During this time, Aaron experienced first hand the challenges of recruiting and building a talent-based business. This business was sold to Avanade in 2010.

VP Leadership Team

James Dulin

VP of Information Technology

James grew his leadership style from his time in the U.S. Army, and has established a very collaborative environment for our Product Team to thrive in. With over 12 years of Project Management and Solution Architecture experience supporting enterprise customers, James has ingrained two traits into Crelate’s culture; A strong customer empathy, and an insatiable desire for improvement. Under James’ vision, Crelate is a very smart and intuitive application and our customers enjoy receiving new features at a release pace unrivaled in the industry.

Colin Parker

VP of Marketing

Colin is a growth marketing leader with deep experience in marketing strategy, content marketing, SEO, and go-to-market execution for early and mid-stage start-ups. Colin has managed and worked alongside some of the best digital marketing minds in the industry on the agency side, and holds an MBA from the Foster School at the University of Washington.

Gabe Hicks

VP of Engineering

Gabe has a wide range of deep technical expertise, that is also balanced in customer, project, and budget-based realities. Gabe has a strong technical background and an equally keen consulting and business mindset, which work together to tackle the unknown every day, rapidly learn and grow, and to scale the business.

Katie Stiles

Senior Vice President of Finance & Operations

Katie is a dedicated accounting professional experienced in developing and implementing financial systems and HR processes that significantly improve profitability. Katie has served as the lead for all financial matters for 10 years at several tech companies in the Seattle area. She’s been responsible for managing all financial matters during company transitions from privately owned to publicly traded.

Aaron Davidson

VP of Sales

Aaron joins Crelate with years of experience developing customer-centered growth plans executed through sales and customer success teams. He brings a diverse skill set to the table, from starting his own ventures to launching new product lines, but thrives when coaching his team how to optimize the buyer’s journey so it’s seamless for all customers, no matter what size, specialty or needs.

Leigh Haydon

SVP of Revenue

Leigh is a seasoned revenue leader that brings a wide range of experience in successfully growing B2B SaaS companies by maximizing execution, alignment and optimization across sales, marketing and account management. An entrepreneurial spirit and a constant desire to learn and innovate have allowed Leigh to succeed across various target markets and company sizes. He’s motivated by growth, a collaborative “win together” environment, and seeing teammates develop and crush their goals.

Our Team

Erik Pool

Software Architect

Ian Remington

Practice Manager, Customer Success

Tim Keckler

Senior Account Executive

Ann Landis

Senior Accountant

Devon Carlson

Software Engineer

Phillip Hunt

Software Architect

Wilson Wong

Senior Design Engineer II

Sarah Koss - Sr Product Manager at Crelate

Sarah Gossin

Director of Product

Wilson Attebery

Field Marketing Manager

Benjamin Stecher

Software Developer II

Chelsie Pettit

Customer Success Specialist II

Jace Coleman

Inbound Sales Development Representative

Bich Duong Ngoc Diep

Software Development Engineer

Zana Boskovic

Project Manager

Bryant Crone

Software Developer II

Chris Hesson

Manager of Professional Services

Pache Gray

Human Resource Manager

Lindsey Wise

Customer Success Specialist II

Kyle Kroeger

Customer Success Specialist II

Manuel Dejesus

Software Developer II

Pi Chartbanchachai

Sr. Software Engineering Manager

Jared Boisseranc

Software Engineer

Lisa Crelate

Lisa Zhou

Senior Product Manager II

Melody Spraw

Product Consultant

Ethan Bloom

Software Developer I

Joseph Garrett

Software Development Engineer

Amber Roder

Customer Success Specialist

Evan Bonfiglio

Software Developer II

Turner Tackitt

Software Development Engineer II

Kellen-Cherie Diaz

Operations Coordinator

Ashley Little

Customer Service Specialist

Mikeal Day

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Ena Grabovica

Junior Product Manager

Oswaldo Sanchez

Software Development Engineer II

Samuel Mamer

Junior Software Developer

Jeff Dougherty

Software Development Engineer

Andrew Hoke

Software Developer II

Jack Solaro

Junior Product Manager

Rachel Passick

Junior Software Developer

Tom Hunley

Senior Product Marketing Manager


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66 mil

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Accelerate your entire recruiting process from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

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