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Crelate is a leading provider of executive search technology, with over 10 years in the business and for thousands of savvy recruiters.

For executive search professionals who know what it takes to deliver white glove experience to both discerning candidates and clients alike, Crelate is your secret weapon for staying organized, thoughtful, and proactive with your entire network.

While Crelate is securely tracking interactions and communications, executive recruiters can focus on what matters most, building bigger networks and better relationships with the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Crelate is built for networkers and networking.

Executive recruiters are constantly building a network of strong relationships. The best placements come from recommendations and referrals from people in your network.

Crelate is designed from the ground up to easily manage, engage and grow networks, which builds talent pipelines simultaneously.

A circle of individuals searching for executives using specialized software.

Candidate, contract, and engagement tracking.

Crelate lets you track what’s important in the background of all your hard work. Tags make it simple to categorize your contacts. Whatever you want to track, you can tag it.

Documents can be categorized and link to contacts, jobs, and companies. Use this for resumes, interviews, reporting and more. Easily keep your data clean and organized with Crelate’s de-duplicate and contact merging features.

A laptop equipped with executive search software, including a calendar feature.
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Fast and simple Talent Relationship Management.

Crelate makes it simple to track all your interactions with contacts as an executive recruiter with our executive search software. It takes only a few clicks to track a conversation you had with someone within the recruitment CRM.

Quickly enter just the information you need, so you can get back to building relationships. Customizable activity types let you track what’s important for your business. Keep in contact. Schedule future activities and follow-up reminders.

Pin important notes to the top of the contact, so everyone on your team can see what’s important. Mention another record in your notes and the two are automatically linked.

Keep your clients informed.

Executive search firms often need to submit candidates for review and report on search progress to their customers. Crelate makes this simple with client Submittal templates within our executive search software that can optionally merge resumes, cover letters and more into a single PDF for review.

Your recruiters can easily submit and manage candidates with your clients via Crelate’s unique Client Portal.

We also have advanced analytics and can even help you build out custom reports in Microsoft Word that can look and say exactly what you need them to for your customers.

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Find people in your network, quickly and easily.

Crelate makes it easy to narrow down your search to just the right people. Search all notes, activities, documents and resumes in less than a second. Construct, save and reuse advanced queries with full boolean search abilities. Get your results in record time (we measure our search performance in thousands of a second), and make data-driven decisions in real time with ease.

Talent with the keywords C# and .NET, but not Ruby within 50 miles of Seattle and tagged with Referrals

Recruiting wherever and whenever.

We were built for the cloud from day one and believe it is our job to help with when, where and how recruiters do their best work. Also, getting data in and out of Crelate is easy and available from anywhere at anytime. Your data is your data. We won’t charge hidden fees to export it.

Access candidate info on the road from your Apple iPad or iPhone. Further, instantly view candidate information from Microsoft Outlook or access Crelate anywhere from your Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari web browser!

iPhone / iPad Clients

Outlook & Email

Web browsers

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Massive guide to executive search success.

As you know, executive search can offer substantial rewards, but requires building trusted relationships and sometimes even sourcing passive candidates not actively job seeking. Mastering discrete client partnerships, utilizing talent marketing, and leveraging search tools that enhance process visibility are key differentiators. Purpose-built technology eliminates friction, enables access from anywhere, and integrates with existing systems to optimize executive recruiting.

To read more about the keys to executive search success, like how to build trust or the importance of using the best executive recruitment software, click here.

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