Crelate Recruit

Contact Data Enrichment

Crelate empowers you to easily confirm that your candidate contact data is still correct, and to append new or missing information to new or existing candidate records.
Your clients value your recruiting services because you know the right candidates – or are able to source them – and you can pick up the phone or drop them an email and let them know about a new opportunity at exactly the right time.

Keep Candidate Contact Info Up to Date

No more manual digging for hours and hours to sleuth out new phone numbers or email addresses. No more worrying you won’t have contact information for your best candidates. Just click a button, and there it is.
Stay up to date with your candidate’s contact info or track down contact info for net new candidates.
Unlock new potential sales by increasing your ability to communicate by phone, text or email.

Don't Spend Hours Hunting Down Info

Your candidate database is the lifeblood of your recruiting agency. And being able to source the right candidate for the right job at the right time is the service your clients pay you for.
Our Chrome extension parses data, confirms new contact information, and imports it directly into Crelate.
Get exactly what you need – the right candidate at the right time.

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