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Measure. Analyze. Improve.

Crelate is packed with entirely customizable analytics and reporting tools to quantify, understand, and improve every part of your sales, recruitment, and delivery process.

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Gain insight over potential business and revenue. Forecasting and valuations are easily tracked and calculated so that you can stay on top of emerging trends.
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Demonstrate value with recruiting analytics.

You’re building relationships with candidates so you can fill job vacancies for your clients. You don’t have unlimited time to demonstrate the success of your work.
Crelate is packed with recruiting analytics and reporting tools to quantify the work you do on a daily basis.
Business and Enterprise users get advanced analytics capabilities, with an option to customize reports based on any field in Crelate.

Visualize your recruiting data.

Build your own Crelate Reports dashboard with the recruiting analytics you need.
Get a quick talent pipeline overview or measure activity over time — by an individual, team, client, project, or opportunity.
Generate EEOC reports with the click of a button and export reports to share them with colleagues.
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Make informed business decisions.

Basic Crelate reporting tools come with every Crelate subscription.
Basic Crelate reporting tools come with every Crelate subscription.
Prove that investments are seeing returns, back up your decision-making with data, or discover opportunities to improve your recruiting process.

Crelate combines all the best quality elements of other ATS/CMR into one unified piece. We are a Staffing Agency that needed a software that provided full analytics, recorded every single task, visually showed us the stages of each candidate/client and job opportunity.

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Answer the important questions.

Crelate Talent offers a wide range of reporting capabilities that allow users to filter, measure and understand key recruiting metrics such as:

Where are the best candidates coming from?

Are there any bottlenecks in my recruiting workflow?

How many interactions take place on average before a placement is made?

What is my time-to-fill rate?

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