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Customer Relationship Management

Winning new business is at least half the battle. So why do so many recruiting CRMs completely ignore the sales process? Agency growth requires an integrated approach to sales and fulfillment that aligns every team to efficiently win the req and fill the role. Crelate’s CRM integrates purpose-built tools to track new business pursuits, won reqs, and client relationships, all side by side with every other facet of your recruiting.

Candidate Relationship Management

Your job: attracting, sourcing and engaging top talent to fill out your recruiting pipeline. Your CRM’s job: helping you to drive your recruiting process with integrated communication tools, automating high-volume communication, and knowing exactly where you stand with top candidates. Crelate’s CRM not only makes that process easier and more efficient, but – along with powerful recruiting analytics – it measures communication effectiveness and outcomes to show you what’s working, what’s not, and where you can improve.

Client Portal

Managed by the recruiter, easily accessed by client, and powered by the recruiting CRM, our Client Portal keeps consultants and hiring managers in sync, improves relationships with your clients, and drives down your time to hire. The Client Portal allows recruiters and staffing agencies to communicate with clients via automated real-time alerts and record all client interactions and feedback regarding candidates in one centralized, easily accessible location.
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Jobs Portal

Your ability to attract high-quality candidates relies heavily on their perception of your brand. And ultimately, their ability to easily find and apply for the role on your site. Our customizable, SEO-optimized and easily embeddable jobs portal lets you market open positions right on your website in a style that aligns perfectly with your organization’s look and feel.
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Candidate Sourcing

The tools you need to be successful when attracting, sourcing, and engaging top talent for your recruiting pipeline. Attract, source, and engage top talent for your recruiting pipeline, and turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

Business Development Workflow

The business development workflow features tailored dashboards that streamline the management of companies and hiring managers throughout the business development process. This powerful feature enhances strategic approaches, improves operational efficiency, and provides valuable insights into your team’s sales activities, making it easier to engage with former clients, pursue new opportunities, and market candidates effectively.

Crelate 'Connector' Mobile App

Crelate Mobile App

Purpose-built for mobile to optimize the tools you’re most likely to need while away from your computer, our mobile app makes it fast and easy to communicate with candidates and clients, record important information, and complete other crucial tasks on the road.

Recruiting Analytics

Crelate is packed with integrated and flexible reporting tools to cover every part of your sales, recruitment, and delivery process. Back up your decision-making with data, and discover competitive advantages with custom-built, real-time analytics reports across every part of the business. Run reports on metrics that matter to your org, inform your decisions with data, and discover opportunities to improve your process.

Contact Data Enrichment

source the right candidate for the right job at the right time is the service your clients pay you for.

Crelate’s new Contact Data Enrichment tool makes it easier than ever to do just that, empowering you to easily confirm that your candidate contact data is still correct, and to append new or missing information to new or existing candidate records. On demand. Exactly when you need it.

VMS Integrations

Increase recruiter productivity, track job requisitions, compile business intelligence, and submit and fill VMS jobs faster from directly inside your ATS. If you’re managing your clients’ business through manual and time-consuming tasks, you could be working a lot smarter. Say goodbye to inboxes full of open requisition and status changes with Crelate’s VMS Integration.

Import Data Plus

Take existing records in your database and update their profiles with new information from a spreadsheet. Whether you’re overriding old data or simply injecting new data, importing has never been easier.
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Allow your team to treat these processes as project plans, to make them repeatable and scalable. Organize your teams’ workdays and manage their tasks by following your predefined process.

Crelate Omni

Crelate Omni is our full suite of products: RecruitHire, and Deliver which together comprise an end-to-end solution for the modern staffing agency.

The modules build onto Recruit to encompass the entire recruitment and deployment process. The prefix “omni-“ means “all,” which is what the Crelate suite accomplishes. We listen to our customer feedback, and these modules are designed to do everything you need.

Crelate Hire

Crelate Deliver

Crelate Recruit

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Recruiting CRM
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Job Portal
  • Client Portal
  • Email & Messaging
  • Interviews
  • Scorecards
  • Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • eSignature
  • Background Checks
  • Timekeeping
  • Assignments
  • Invoicing
  • Commission Management
  • Payroll
  • Job Requisitions

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