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Import Data Plus

Take existing records in your database and update their profiles with new information from a spreadsheet. Whether you’re overriding old data or simply injecting new data, importing has never been easier.
No need to learn from your mistakes! We’ve revamped and improved our entire data import process with a new UI to give you more visibility and eliminate errors.

Import Preview Screen

Our improved import experience demonstrates a full preview before you import your data.
Validate mappings and approve changes to drastically reduce time importing data.
Confidently bulk update fields, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

Reviewing Data Corrections

Crelate’s Invalid and Error Summary provides a detailed report of exactly what corrections are required within your spreadsheet.
Easily review typos, incorrect mappings, and more within your spreadsheet to make on-the-fly adjustments.
Leverage our confirmation screen to ensure pending corrections are properly reviewed.

Our most-requested update

You’ve asked for it, and we delivered. Import Data Plus may be our largest to-date feature request and we’re excited to introduce these new solutions to your needs.
Update thousands of records across dozens of fields in a single import.
Import Data Plus now supports .csv and .xls / .xlsx

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