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The tools you need to be successful when attracting, sourcing, and engaging top talent for your recruiting pipeline.
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Attract, source, and engage top talent for your recruiting pipeline, and turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

Company Portal

Add a custom job board to your website, and let candidates search and filter job postings.
The portal integrates automatically with your open positions in Crelate.
It also allows you to extend your branding and makes it easier for talent to find you.
A web page focused on candidate sourcing for households, inc.

Crelate makes it very easy to collab with my colleagues while having all info in one place. We also love the ability to have a portal where candidates can apply to openings on our website which goes directly into Crelate to be managed.

Search contact for advanced net developer form using candidate sourcing.

Advanced Boolean Search

The best candidate is the one you don’t have to pay to find; search through tens-of-thousands of records in a fraction of a second with full-text and relational search capabilities.
Never again lose a potential placement because you weren’t able to find them in your ATS; search across all records and documents at once with enterprise-class tools.
Save search criteria for future use, and easily take action on results, add them to jobs, static lists, emails and more.

Chrome Extension

One-click sourcing, from any website. Import candidates from anywhere on the web directly into your database.
Add tags and other custom information about candidates before importing.
Easily incorporate newly found candidates into your pipeline with a single click.
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Integrate premium job boards for efficient candidate sourcing.

Native job board integrations

Tap into the power of leading hiring solutions without leaving our platform, and ensure your open jobs are seen by as many candidates as possible
Automatically post new jobs to leading online job boards including Indeed, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Monster and more.

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