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Market open positions right on your website in a style that aligns perfectly with your organization’s look and feel.
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Your ability to attract high-quality candidates relies heavily on their perception of your brand. And ultimately, their ability to easily find and apply for the role on your site. Our customizable, SEO-optimized and easily embeddable jobs portal helps you strike the right tone.

Personalized job boards

Add a custom job board to your website, and let candidates search and filter job postings.
The portal integrates automatically with your open positions in Crelate.
It also allows you to extend your branding and makes it easier for talent to find you.

Crelate makes it very easy to collab with my colleagues while having all info in one place. We also love the ability to have a portal where candidates can apply to openings on our website which goes directly into Crelate to be managed.

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Easy compliance with EEOC + OFCCP

Keeping track of EEO information and ensuring you comply with federal law has never been easier.
Add EEOC and OFCCP questionnaires at the end of your job postings, in your portal and on external job boards.
Create separate EEOC users, and Generate EEOC reports with the click of a button.

Jobs Portal Widget

Provide a showcase for every open requisition.
Easily embed and configure Crelate job listings on your website, without the need for a developer or expensive custom code.
You can customize the widget to match your website design, and to show all available jobs or specific open positions of your choosing.
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Prescreen Candidates

Find the best candidates more quickly.
Ensure applicants meet the basic qualifications before contacting them.
Add prescreening questions to all job board postings, and answers are automatically added to the candidate’s profile.

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