Crelate Recruit


Make your sales and recruiting processes scalable and repeatable. Ensure team task completion through comprehensive hiring and selling cycles by managing sequences that drive tasks to be performed.
Crelate Sequencing
Master your process and create playbooks to empower your team & drive organizational efficiency.

Engage at Scale

Remove reliance on individual team members to recall and execute on complex processes by building out playbooks and workflows to remind them at the opportune moment.
Queue up emails, text messages, calls, and more within your existing workflow to create the appearance of organic outreach.
Reach out to candidates with one click from the task window and reduce the time of switching to multiple contact vectors.

Measure what Matters

Stop wasting time. Track success & failure rates to develop and continually refine your processes.
Easily review performances across competing or individual sequences to stack how each measure up.
Review individual metrics to target high & efficient performers. Let data dictate action to drive organizational improvement and give you time back where it’s most needed.
Sequencing in Crelate

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