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We’re on a journey to build the best recruiting software solution and we’re doing it with your help. Our customers provide feedback to help us prioritize product development investments. We release major updates on a quarterly basis and are committed to continuously innovating our platform. Transparency is important to us because we want to earn your trust, and that’s why we’re happy to share the following feature roadmap.

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What's new?

You deserve tech that works as hard as your team, day-in and day-out. This page outlines the newest and most exciting additions to Crelate’s talent management platform.

If you’re an administrator or need more deep dive information, the Crelate Knowledge Base and our on-demand “What’s New” webinar series is a perfect next stop.

April 2024

Business Development Workflow – NEW

We’re thrilled to introduce a dynamic addition to our platform: a new “Business Development” workflow! For customers that want to use Crelate’s CRM capabilities to find new customers and orders. The Business Development workflow sits in front of your Sales and Recruiting workflows.

Start by identifying target companies, call, email, and get them engaged, qualified prospects move on to become a Lead, which can then move to your Sales workflow.

This new feature empowers your BDRs and outbound sales motion, building on the success of the Most Placeable Candidate approach of Employment Searches. On the Home Page, you’ll now find a dedicated tab labeled “Business Development”, distinct from the Sales and Recruiting tabs. When advancing a company or contact to the “Won” stage within this workflow, users will be prompted to create a new lead, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

CRELATE Recruit April 2024

Primary Owner Filter – NEW

We have added a new Primary Owner filter, available in both Reports and Search. This filter allows you to filter records exclusively owned by a specific user and is being rolled out across all Core Records, including Contacts, Jobs, Companies, and Candidates, enhancing your ability to manage and access data more efficiently.

April 2024

Workflow History Filter – NEW

Introducing a new Workflow History reporting filter available on Candidate charts.  This filter enables you to generate reports based on the movement of candidates into or out of specific workflow stages. For instance, you can track Candidates who were moved into the “Submitted” stage more than 30 days ago.

April 2024

Metric – Duration of Call and other Activities – NEW

Understanding the time spent on specific activities is crucial for making informed business decisions and increasing your placement rate. We are excited to introduce a new filtering option from your Activities reports that focuses on the Average Duration of Activities and Duration of Calls, measured in minutes. These enhancements will help you gain deeper insights into time management and optimize your operations for better results.

CRELATE Platform
March 2024

RingCentral Embedded Phone Upgrade – IMPROVED

With this release, we have upgraded the RingCentral Embedded Web Widget to v1.9.3. This release includes several new features and many bug fixes.

CRELATE Platform
March 2024

Crelate Marketplace – NEW

Launched in January, our new Crelate Marketplace is your first and best place to learn about a range of exciting and useful tools to get the most out of your Crelate talent platform.

CRELATE Platform
March 2024

CallMantra – Integration Partner (Marketplace) – NEW

Crelate is now fully integrated with CallMantra! A cloud-based phone system tailored for US recruitment agencies.

Here’s what CallMantra x Crelate can do:

  • Call and text candidates directly from job boards
  • Text candidates 1:1 or send personalized text messages
  • Call 70+ candidates/hour with power dialing
  • Automatically log all calls, texts, recordings, and notes onto the core record
  • View individual recruiter’s stats such as calls made, texts sent, call duration inside of CallMantra
  • Get more calls answered by candidates and build trust by displaying a verified caller badge
CRELATE Platform March 2024

Ducknowl – Integration Partner (Marketplace) – NEW

Ducknowl is a talent screening and assessment platform for pre-employment screening of candidates during the hiring process. Ducknowl has partnered with Crelate to help companies and staffing agencies screen and hire top talent. With the Ducknowl/Crelate Integration, you can invite candidates for remote interviews, live interviews, and assessments directly from Crelate.

CRELATE Platform
March 2024

Data Exports (Backups) – UPDATED

CHANGED – Requesting and downloading Data Exports

To better serve growing data storage and retention needs, we are expanding Crelate’s capabilities by making fundamental changes in how we handle Organization Backups and Exports. With the increased demand and size of backups, we have altered the way we queue, bundle, and distribute backups initiated through Crelate.

Updated – Custom Fields

CHANGED – Managing Custom Fields

The management of Custom Fields has moved for all Core Records from the various “Customize Fields” or “Customize Form” dialogs to a new Custom Fields area within each Core Record in Settings.

The concept of Logical Names has been introduced to make interfacing with these Custom Fields easier. This gives you the ability to specify API keyed names which you can use instead of the previous CustomFieldX approach.

CHANGED – Creating and Deleting Custom Fields

Creating and Deleting Custom Fields is now handled via the Custom Fields
area on Core Records.

CRELATE Platform
March 2024

Crelate API v3 – UPDATED

NEW – Support for Data Exports (Backups)

With the overall changes made to Data Exports (Backups), we have updated API v3 to include support for various Backup functionality. These newly added endpoints have been created with the new partitioned structure in mind and should be used going forward to interact with Data Exports programmatically.

CHANGED – New Custom Field support

To coincide with the overall changes made to Custom Fields, we are making interacting with Custom Fields easier via the API and have introduced a “CustomFields” property bag. This can be found on various endpoints for Entities that support Custom Fields. This property bag is keyed off the newly introduced Logical Name concept, which can be configured in the new Custom Fields areas of Core Records.

IMPROVED – General Stability Improvements

We have made several improvements to general API v3 stability by addressing issues raised by our customers and partners. This includes exposing more fields, improving documentation, addressing defects, and adding more entity support (e.g., Job Types).

NEW – Employee Id on Users

IMPROVED – New Employee Id field on Users

An EmployeeId field has been added to Users in Crelate. This field can be set on both new and existing Users and optiona. However, it must be unique between users in your organization. This EmployeeId can be used during bulk import as a distinguishing field for matching cell values to users in your Crelate instance. A common use case for this field is to store an employee/payroll Id that can be used to relate the Crelate user record to a record in an external timekeeping/payroll system.

CRELATE Platform
March 2024

You Asked, We Delivered (DCRs)

With every release, we focus on top customer requests. With this release, we are adding capabilities that cover 12 different feature requests and almost 220 upvotes from the Crelate User Community. Be sure to submit your ideas and upvote the features you’d like to see us implement at

NEW – Invoice Net 10 Terms (13 Upvotes)

NEW -Create Invoice Capabilities

 IMPROVED – Improved
Accessibility inside Crelate

IMPROVED – Various Export Improvements (29 upvotes)

  1. Export Settings | Tags
  2. Export Settings | Flagged Emails
  3. Export Settings | Blocked Contacts
  4. Ability to Include Record IDs (GUID) in all export
  5. Exporting from Reports and Search Update
IMPROVED – Various Audit Log Improvements (67 upvotes)

NEW – New Way to Manage Lists (24 upvotes)

IMPROVED – New Texting Tool Tips and Tool Tips “Open in New Tab” Feature (18 upvotes)

NEW – Reporting on Relationships/Splits

NEW – Ability to Auto-Generate Billable Items on Direct Hire Placement

NEW – Invoicing Details now Available on Opportunity Records

IMPROVED – Ability to copy Time Cards from previous Pay period

IMPROVED – New filters on Time Card Export Dialog

NEW – Invoicing Details now Available on Opportunity Records


Coming Soon

We’re thrilled to share some exciting developments from your Crelate Product team. We’ve been hard at work crafting new features and integrations to enhance your experience. Take a look at what’s on the horizon:

HubSpot Integration – Sales CRM

Sense Integration – Sequencing and Workflow Automation

Embedded Payroll

Manual Payroll / PayStubs

Xero Integration

Billable Item Import

Learn more on the above features by clicking HERE (

Appcast + Crelate integration


October 2023

Integration with Appcast - NEW

We are excited to announce the launch of our integration with Appcast. They are a leader in recruitment marketing and our integration allows Appcast to pull relevant data from Crelate to help inform workflows within the Appcast platform.


October 2023

API 3.0 - NEW

Our new API has been built from the ground up to take advantage of a new technology stack.  This improves usability, performance, and Crelate’s ability to add new functionality more quickly based on customer feedback.

Feature highlights include –

  • Unified structure for all API responses to make consuming results simpler
  • Better error information to help diagnose issues with requests
  • Metadata endpoints for major entities to illustrate what can be done
  • Unified paging pattern for GET requests to make getting larger data sets easier
  • Updating records now uses PATCH to simplify field changes
  • Expanded filtering on GET requests for major entities to include searching on common fields like Modified On, Tags, Names, Parent Records, Status, and more
  • Introduction of more top-level endpoints including Artifacts, Activities, Forms, and Users
  • More robust Artifact and Activity support, including custom activities
  • New support for Deliver based entities such as Invoices and Billable Items
  • Expect to hear even more about further API updates in the months to come as we continue to add new functionality, expand existing features, and make it even easier for partners to consume and integrate.
A computer screen displaying a product roadmap with the words create open api.


October 2023

Internal/Project Timekeeping NEW

This update eliminates the previous prerequisite of having a Placement record associated with an Opportunity in order to log time.   This allows users to log and submit time directly towards opportunities/projects. This removes the current requirement of having a Placement record on the Opportunity in order to log time.



October 2023

Relationships and Splits NEW

Relationships and Splits NEW

Relationships allow users to relate their Opportunity and Placement records to other core records in Crelate, including Users. By doing so, users can add x many Recruiters, Secondary Recruiters, etc. to an Opportunity, and have those Relationships passed down to the Placements made for that Opportunity.

We re also introducting our first version of Splits tracking in Crelate. The Splits feature is built on top of the Relationships feature and allows users to specify a percentage of the Placement value that should be given to each Related Record.

Commission calculation just got easier, using Splits and Relationships to capture who did what on each placement.

A screen shot of a salesperson's screen displaying a product roadmap.
A screen showing a createe message as a part of the product roadmap.


October 2023

Reporting Updates IMPROVED

We’ve improved and expanded access to a convenient filter that allows users to look ahead at “Next” activities in reporting. Next is now available on more fields and includes new options.

October 2023

Other new and updated features

NEW – Search Filter for “On Employment Search”:

New filter in the Search area that is available when searching through companies for “On Employment Search”. This new filter includes two additional fields for more precise filtering:

  • Job: Enables you to select one or more Employment Search opportunity
  • Stage: Enables you to select one or more Employment Search workflow stages

NEW – Settings Search Updates:

Settings search area now finds settings faster with more contextual search by indexing off of the Title of the section, not just keywords.

Improved – Chrome Extension Updates

The Chrome Extension icon now displays a visual indicator when viewing the profile of a contact whose record status or company record status is marked as “Do Not Use.”

You Asked, We Delivered!

Click HERE to see the new functionality that are direct asks from our customers, including:

  • A Faster way to open records
  • Titles and Names in Browser Tabs
  • Bulk Edit Updates
  • Resume Toolbox PDF functionality
  • And more!

A green screen featuring a product roadmap with the word create on it.

June 2023

Pay Rules [BETA] NEW

We are thrilled to announce the development of a Pay Rules Engine to enhance the already robust functionality of our Timekeeping and Billing features. Rules can be created to manage client requirements such as daily or weekly overtime rate adjustments, weekend rates, and placement-specific rates. Customers are now able to create specific Bill and Pay rate changes at a defined hour and/or day threshold.


June 2023

API [Private BETA] NEW

  • New API significantly improves our existing public API.
    • Simplification of the in and out of the data using an Entity-Oriented design philosophy. This enables us to implement each Entity’s endpoints functionality consistently with improved baseline functionality and fewer “one-off” endpoints.
    • Numerous new ways to sort and filter data for every single endpoint so you can get the data you care about with fewer calls and smaller payloads. No more pulling every Contact to find that one record you need!
    • Expanded the range of exposed Entities, including Placements, Users, Invoices, Payments, Losses, and more.


June 2023

@Mention Internal Users NEW

As our customers’ most requested item, our enhanced mentions feature is designed to enable seamless user collaboration within Core Record activities. Users can now mention other users by simply typing “@” followed by their name (e.g., “spoke with @John Smith”). In the app notification alerts users when they are mentioned and contains a hyperlink directly to the activity.


June 2023

Indeed Updates NEW

  • Proxy Posting: Post jobs to Indeed on behalf of other companies or customers with whom you have an agreement. Once the vetting process is complete, there will be a new drop-down during publishing that will allow you to choose which company to post on behalf of.
  • Screener Questions: Automatically include the Crelate Application Form on all Indeed Job Postings. This streamlined process empowers candidates to apply for positions and respond to screener questions without having to leave Indeed’s platform. Candidates’ data entry occurs on Indeed, while data flows back into the Crelate candidate’s record.
Learn more on the above features and other new updates in Search Functionality, Contact Notes, and Import Data by clicking HERE.

March 2023

Email Updates

  • Email and Template Styling Options: New functionality to select new fonts, highlight text, and select HEX color on emails and templates
  • Email Conversations: New Emails can now be grouped together in Conversations. This allows for auto-journaled emails to be viewed together versus sporadically through the activity feed as they are received.
  • Regarding Opportunity on Email Responses: The “Regarding Opportunity” is now visible in email responses and will also appear in the activity stream of opportunities.
  • Track Email Views: The ability to monitor when an email has been viewed on outgoing emails.
  • Email Response Notifications: Users in organizations that have journaling enabled can now elect to get in-app notifications when a contact has replied to an email sent via Crelate.
  • Save Draft for Emails: The ability to save email activities as drafts.
  • Profile Preferences ‘My Emails’ Page: New ‘My Emails’ page to show and manage your Draft and Sent emails.

A screen showing a createe message as a part of the product roadmap.


March 2023

Reporting Updates

  • Scheduled Reporting Chart Emails: Up to 5 charts can be sent as email attachments in format CSV or XLSX. Emails can be scheduled to send at a selected hour of the day and choose specific days of the week or the beginning/end of the month for recurring sending options.
  • User Roles Read access to Report Page: New Reporting Access setting for users with Read Reporting Permissions. Set who can access specified report pages.
  • Additional Reporting Data Fields: Gain further insight into your candidate pipelines.
    • Opportunity Loss Reason
    • Candidate Pass Reason
    • Applied From/Source

March 2023

Sequencing Updates

  • Enabled Workflow Stages: Link Recruiting Workflow Stages directly to a Sequence and allow users to add contacts while adding or moving contacts in their workflow through drag and drop functionality.
  • Metrics Step Total Tiles: New Metrics Tiles have been added to help provide visibility into how many times users have:
    • Completed Total Steps
    • Skipped Total Steps
    • Bypassed Total Steps with Wait
  • Search Option for Sequences: The ability to search for candidates and contacts by what Sequence they are in.

Learn more about these feature updates, along with Submittals, Required Fields, and You Asked, We Delivered on the Product Release Notes.


December 2022

Sequencing Updates

Thanks to direct feedback form not only the Early Adopter Program but from customers who have benefited from feature since release the following abilities have been added to this feature.

  • Ability to complete sequencing steps early, to allow users to document and maintain workflow when tasks organically happen before schedule.
  • Administrators can set if contacts are allowed to be on more than one sequence at a time. This allows organizations to keep contacts in single sequence or in multiple to minimize excessive engagement.

December 2022

Email Updates

Change request and Early adopter feedback, we are enhancing this feature to ensure communication is sent to the correct contacts.

  • When creating an email activity users will now see the contacts email address next to the name in the To field (available on all emails sent from Crelate)
  • When creating an email users will have more visibility into the if the email is using a Shared From email (available on all emails sent from Crelate)

December 2022

Form Request Notifications

This is a top Change Request through Hellonext.

  • In app notifications when a form request has been completed. This allows for expedited process to ensure users know instantaneously when forms have been submitted and the process can move forward.

December 2022

eSignature Update

This is a top Change Request through Hellonext.

  • Ability to edit an eSignature template. Users can now update templates after they have been created and in use. No longer do users have to create new when updated outdated templates.


October 2022

Sequencing: Task Management Playbooks for Your Entire Team

  • Increase engagement with contacts through our fully integrated Sequencing tool. From creating in-depth sequences with automated emails to an all-new intuitive UI, our Sequencing tool creates efficiencies at scale so your team can create, maintain, and maximize relationships with candidates and clients. Key Sequencing Features:
    • Multiple action types provide sequence step flexibility:
      • Automatic emails
      • Manual emails
      • Texting
      • Calls
      • Tasks
    • Sequence steps feed contact activity streams.
    • Intuitive UI to easily know what your best next action is.
    • To-do screen to let users see and complete all sequence actions in one place.
    • Track Click rate, open rate, and more!


October 2022

ZipRecruiter Integration Updates

Daily Job Postings

ZipRecruiter’s Daily Job Posting is an effortless way to sponsor and manage jobs with ZipRecruiter directly from within Crelate in real-time. When a job is sponsored, ZipRecruiter invites qualified candidates to apply, then delivers those candidates seamlessly to Crelate via our ZipRecruiter apply integration. Customers can sponsor their jobs for $16 per day per job, allowing the flexibility to drive applicant volume without signing up for a month-long commitment. Each job will be sponsored on ZipRecruiter, where four out of five employers get a quality candidate within the first day. Jobs will be posted to ZipRecruiter in real-time through our job posting API and return candidates to Crelate with quicker turnaround times.

Hiring Signals

With Hiring Signals, users can Opt-In or Out to report hiring-related events to ZipRecruiter, this will help ZipRecruiter know the application statuses of candidates and in return, trigger invites to more qualified candidates. This shipped as “Opt-In” by default for existing customers and will be Opt-Out for new customers. This can be adjusted by going to Settings > Integrations > Job Board Publishing. Note: This new setting does not affect customers’ day-to-day processes and is happening in the backend.


October 2022

Client Portal updates

  • Opportunity specific access for Client Portal
    • Per job user access has been added to allow for specific jobs to be visible to specific portal users.

    Kanban Candidate Display

    • Candidates will show up in a Kanban to help visualize the stage and status of the candidates.

    Job Strategy tab

    • Control what strategy sections are displayed in the Client Portal.

    Opportunity Bulk Remove Candidates Client Portal

    • Bulk removing candidates from the client portal has been added to the Opportunity and Client Portal pop up.

    Settings – View as client button

    • Users can now view the portal as a client to see their experience directly from settings.


October 2022

Contact Data Enrichment

Contact Data Enrichment data pre-match

  • If any Email/Phone/Website fields appear invalid, the user will be notified that they will not be used for Contact Enrichment matching.

Contacts URL (Warning Icon for Invalid/Non-Public URLs)

  • A visible warning icon to show that is it for a invalid/non-public URL on LinkedIn and Facebook

Contact Data Enrichment Artifact

  • Contact data enrichments will create a new Enrichment Artifact in Contact Documents allowing user to view and download the raw enrichment data.


October 2022

ZoomInfo Integration

Introducing our integration with ZoomInfo! Comparable to our Contact Data Enrichment feature, ZoomInfo is a cloud-based B2B platform for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams. The integration will initially only work for TalentOS users. To get set up via ZoomInfo, follow this link.


October 2022

Employee Center

A new tab for “Home” has been added. The home tab is a landing page for employees to see a high-level overview of their Timekeeping tasks and Assignments. The Home tab will house a timekeeping widget that will display any late or rejected timecards as well as an overview of the employees’ active assignments.

In the “Time” tab, we have added additional subtabs for “Late Timecards” and “Rejected Timecards” with notification badges so employees can quickly see if they have timecards that they need to act on.


October 2022

Push Notifications for Approved Time

Mobile users who have Push Notifications enabled will receive a push notification when their timecard is approved.

A new notification badge has been added to the Time To-Dos tile on the home page that will show employees the number of late and rejected timecards that require their attention. An additional filter has been added for “Late” inside of the Time To-Do grid, so employees can easily search their late timecards. When viewing timecards from the timekeeping or Time To-Do grid, there is now a visual indicator on timecards that are late for quick visibility.

In addition to Timecard improvements, the ability for users to attach receipt with a new option of “upload a photo” has been added. Previously, they could only upload a file or take a photo.

Learn More


To learn more about this release, please click here.


July 2022

Sequencing: Task Management Playbooks for Your Entire Team

  • Your recruiting process and recruiter training doesn’t stop with “you should probably do…” You need a way to bring your whiteboard processes to life with the right nudge, to the right person, at the right time.
  • Sequencing is a foundational feature for the next generation of Crelate Recruit, and works like a recruiter augmentation toolset.  Giving operations leaders and recruiters the tools to template their process down to the individual task reminder from call, to email, to text, and measure effectiveness on the front-lines.
  • Launching in private Beta, look for more on Sequencing as we approach general availability.
Geofencing in staffing time entry helps to decrease time entry fraud and speed up time entry and time approval

July 2022

Geofencing: Drive Accurate, Immediate Time Entry & Approval

  • Timesheet fraud is one of the single biggest expenses in most staffing firms.  Your fulfillment team and managers deserve the advantage of time entry that can’t be gamed.
  • With Geofencing, your fulfillment team can set precise location parameters that align with your client’s physical site.
  • Require contractors to be physically on-site to clock in and out from the Crelate Connector mobile app, and drive immediate time entry that streamlines your pay & bill.


July 2022

Native E-Verify Integration: Hire and Onboard at Scale

  • Eliminate recruiter task switching and disorganized, cumbersome document storage with Crelate’s native E-Verify integration
  • Stop the busywork of checking for status reports, with E-Verify updates that directly update contact records in Crelate
Native E-Verify Integration in Crelate ATS


March 2022

Contact Data Enrichment

  • Significant investment has been made to our Contact Data Enrichment (CDE) feature to unlock the power of sourcing at scale for your business. We welcome bulk enrichment to the Crelate arsenal allowing for rapid sourcing of up to 50 contacts at once.
  • Additionally, we have expanded the scope of our CDE feature to allow for even more data to be sourced including more personal and secondary contact information.

March 2022

Timekeeping: Multiple Time Types & Daily Notes

  • We understand timekeeping is a complex fluid process and often varies on a client-by-client basis. As a result, we’ve expanded the notion of time entry to allow for both Straight Time and Punch In/Punch Out options.
  • Say hello to Daily Notes. Whether your contractors need to provide more descriptive daily notes or when an employee inevitably needs to log notes for a sick day, we have expanded the scope of timekeeping notation to allow for a seamless employee experience.

March 2022

Export Translator (built for Quickbooks)

Looking for an easier way to get your data into QuickBooks? Look no further. We have added the ability to export billable items in a preformatted document designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks import. Easily filter the data you need to generate a ready-for QuickBooks export.


March 2022

Mobile Form Requests

We’re constantly updating our Crelate Connector mobile app, and we’re excited to announce we’ve added the ability to send and view form requests on mobile. Unlock on-the-go efficiencies whether looking to accelerate candidate onboarding or retrieve updated contact information while on the road.


March 2022

API Updates

By expanding the power of our API, we have enabled you to do even more both natively and through our Integration Partners. We have expanded workflow status filters, added new GET endpoints for record statuses, and enabled customers to upload a profile picture via our API.


March 2022

User Feedback Updates

We’re calling this the: You asked, we delivered By leveraging our Feedback Board we have executed over a dozen feature requests including half of our most requested items.

Want to read detailed product notes about the March 2022 release?
Check out our release notes below.



September 2021

Interview Loops

Simplify setting up interviews when you’re ready to move a candidate to an interview loop! Recruiters can create reusable templates for interview loops tailored to similar jobs which can be configured to have single or multiple interview sessions. These templates can also support one or more interviewers assigned to each individual session within the loop.

To support the interviewer who may or may not have time to review a candidate prior to joining a meeting, this feature also can include notes for multiple audiences — meaning the last-minute notes they might need can be included in the interview record without the risk of exposing to the candidate directly. Other common use cases for notes include conference call details, links to company websites for the candidate, and specific target questions for the interviewer to focus on.


September 2021


Scorecards give recruiters the ability to use a set of questions from the Interview Question Bank to assign to interviewers who will use them for the interview itself. These can be created as reusable templates to speed up the scoring process. Scorecards provide the ability to compare multiple candidates side by side based on various categories to surface important details needed for the final determination to move forward with hiring.

A screenshot displaying the product roadmap of a puppy academy account.


September 2021


Never lose contingent talent to a competitor because of disjointed assignment or tracking systems. Manage your employees’ assignments easily within Crelate from an intuitive dashboard. Automated status alerts help you anticipate and act when your team is coming off assignment and ready for what’s next. From transparency into assignments, to integrating with timekeeping and invoicing, Assignments holds the critical information you need in order to make the right decisions.


September 2021


Manage timecard submittals and approvals directly from your Crelate dashboard. Assign timecard templates and manage expenses. Inform employees, clients and internal users of submittal and approval deadlines with automated alerts. Regardless of your firm’s model, Timekeeping lets you track your employees’ time seamlessly and integrates with your entire Crelate toolset to accelerate and streamline your business.

A screen shot of a product management dashboard featuring a product roadmap.
A web page screenshot showcasing two green buttons, representing a product roadmap.


September 2021

Compliance Management

Ensuring compliance can be an absolute nightmare. Verifying forms of identity, making sure credentials are current, and confirming legal certifications involves a volume of paperwork that’s enough to hamstring any firm’s efforts to quickly vet and place quality candidates. Crelate’s Compliance module manages all the documentation your team needs and confirms your hires have all the credentials they need to get right to work on the first day of their assignment.


September 2021

Crelate Connector Mobile App

We updated the Crelate Connector Mobile App with a brand new interface and user experience.

Purpose-built for mobile to optimize the tools you’re most likely to need while away from your computer, our mobile app makes it fast and easy to communicate with candidates and clients, record important information, and complete other crucial tasks on the road.

A visual representation of the create connector screen in the product roadmap.
A screenshot of the invoice template screen displaying the product roadmap.


September 2021


Never again create an invoice by hand. Running your business shouldn’t mean invoicing falls behind, when revenue is the business. To help you manage this critical aspect of your business, our Invoicing tool directly integrates with Crelate’s time and expense tracking, allowing you to create batch or individual invoices and track payments from your dashboard. With a built-in aging report and exportable general ledger, the Invoicing tool puts a crystal-clear view of your organization’s cash flow front and center.


September 2021

Payroll Export

Whatever your choice of payroll provider, whatever internal system works best for you and your org, our payroll export tool allows you to easily export your assignment and timekeeping information to your payroll system. Whether it’s ADP, PayChex, Intuit or ‘other’, Crelate gives you the flexibility to precisely customize your export, so that payroll just works.

A screenshot of the accounting screen with export functionality.


December 2021

Contact Data Enrichment

Without ever leaving Crelate (and in just a few clicks to boot!) enrich contact profiles within your database giving you more data than ever, directly at your fingertips.


December 2021

Import Data Plus

Speaking of enrichment, for those customers who constantly receive new lists of data or who simply want to make wholesale database changes, our new import experience is for you! Easily update thousands of records in a single import to refresh phone numbers, email addresses and more.


December 2021

VMS Integration

For firms working with a client’s VMS provider, automate the process of job collection by having newly created VMS records instantly added to Crelate.


December 2021

Timekeeping Reports

Crelate Deliver users can now enjoy a full suite of timekeeping reports to capture timecard by status, hours logged per pay period, gross margin and more!


December 2021

Invoicing Reporting

Did you think we were done with reporting enhancements? We have more in store – as users can now leverage reports for unpaid balance, invoice status, draft balances, and more!

Want to read detailed product notes about the December 2021 release?
Check out our release notes below.


Knowledge Base

Perfect for account administrators and end-users alike. The Crelate Knowledge Base is chock full of best practices and how-to guidance on everything new in Crelate.


For account administrators, CIOs, and everyone in between. Our Changelog provides granular insight into all features, fixes, and functionality added to the Crelate app.

More new Crelate features

In addition to the above, we’re adding features to drive efficiency, streamline communication with clients, candidates, and staffers, and further improve your insight into critical hiring decisions. For a full list of what’s new over the past few years, check out our Product Updates page.

Form Requests
Document Management (Upgrades)

Employee Onboarding
Checkr Background Check Integration

What's next?

Want to see what’s coming soon at Crelate? Here are some highly requested features you’ll start seeing in the app soon!


Platform First

Crelate is the ultimate business platform that powers your operations from the core. In today’s dynamic business landscape, we understand that every enterprise is one-of-a-kind. That’s why we prioritize flexibility and openness as our default approach.  We take the more difficult path in design to ensure ease of customization and adaptation for our customers. In order to stay ahead of our constantly evolving customer base, it is imperative that we maintain a continuous growth trajectory. Our top priority is to seamlessly integrate with the most cutting-edge tools available, providing our customers with unparalleled flexibility and control. With our powerful API, any user can effortlessly achieve their desired outcomes while leveraging Crelate as their go-to system of record. In order to achieve this objective, keep an eye out for substantial investments in the subsequent areas:

Database Segmentation

Ability to segment data not only for specific user duties in order to grant specific access to users, but also to facilitate multi-department or multi-office scenarios with top-tier analytics and reporting.

API 3.0

An expanded API with more capabilities and better performance.

Zapier 3.0

With Zapier, Crelate is infinitely extensible. Connect, automate, and get even more out of Crelate.

Performance and scale upgrades

Continuation of our never-ending investment in being the fastest Applicant Tracking System on the market.   We continually strive to improve performance and celebrate consistent 100% up time rating.


Omni vNext

Omni vNext

In 2022, we launched the first iteration of our middle and back-office software offerings. Customer response has been highly positive and we are already iterating based on early adopter feedback. Specifically, look for the team to offer:

Timecard import

Ability to import timecards using a CSV file to facilitate mass data importation, particularly for customers using VMS software.

Overtime and Pay Calculation rules

Expand and enhance our handling of numerous payment scenarios. This enables users to define rules for interpreting time. The most notable aspect of this is that we will be able to calculate overtime. Users will also be able to configure pay plans that take advantage of holiday calendars, set pay and time rates, and have the system interpret time based on any criteria they configure for a company, opportunity, or employee.

Next Level Fit and Finish

We take great pride in the product that we build. Pride of ownership is just one of the reasons we have a credit screen in our About Box where every member of our team gets to put their name and say, “I built this.” We’re expanding our investment in responding to community Feedback items that align with fit and finish—fixing little things that make the product more enjoyable.

Recruitment Project Management 

Track recruiting activities to fill positions within a timeframe. The recruiting team can prioritize and estimate the work needed to fill openings. They can update the burndown matrix as they advance against this estimate. Maintain their hiring targets and alter their recruitment strategy if they behind. Helps improve the recruiting process by revealing the success of different recruitment methods.

Search Action for Companies

This will introduce additional functionality to the company search area From Search, and gives options when using search for Companies or Jobs. This should work the same as find, having the ability to add companies or jobs to lists, add companies to ‘Employment Search’, etc…

Split Calculations

Assign percentages and fixed values for split agreements and payouts.


Highlight and leverage contact connections to enhance and maintain relationships.

On the horizon.

And we’re not done yet. We remain committed to our values of continuous self-improvement, transparency, and flexibility. And, most importantly, we continue to listen to you, our customers, as we plan future releases, features and product updates.


DISCLAIMER: Smart software development is fluid, and things are subject to change. The information provided on this page is intended to outline the general Crelate product direction. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. We may decide to add new functionality at any time depending on our capability to deliver features that meet Crelate quality standards. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Crelate. This roadmap does not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.



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