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Ensuring compliance can be an absolute nightmare. Crelate’s Compliance Manager helps you to confirm your hires have all the credentials they need to get right to work on the first day of their assignment.
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Verifying forms of identity, making sure credentials are current, and confirming legal certifications. It all involves a volume of paperwork that’s enough to hamstring any firm’s efforts to quickly vet and place quality candidates. Crelate makes it easy, fast, and accurate.
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Credential Management

Ensure credentials are up to date, and keep track of licenses and certifications at a glance with intuitive and easy-to-understand grid-view.
See who’s qualified to work now, who needs to renew their certifications before they lapse, and whose licenses have expired.
Quick filter tiles display all candidates concurrently, letting you easily sort whose schedules, credentials and skillsets make the ready for immediate deployment.

Verification made easy

Simplify and streamline identity and credential verification by associating all critical information with individual candidate records.

Keep track of certifications

Never hunt for a candidate’s identifying information again! Record citizenship class, date of birth, mailing address and more within a contact record to ensure identifying information is readily available to ensure document authenticity.

Restricted Storage

Sensitive documents are protected in secure locations, separate from other candidate information. In the event of a hack, confidential information stays confidential.

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