What’s New – Crelate Release 2.24

Crelate's August 2020 feature release including resume toolbox and premium resume parsing for candidate resumes

Parse, Brand, and Submit the Best Candidates, Faster Than Ever

With our August 2020 release, the Crelate team is excited to unveil a series of tools and upgrades for recruiters that make resume parsing, redaction, and submission faster and more effective than ever.


Introducing: Premium Resume Parser

You already know that Crelate offers free resume parsing as a core part of our ATS and recruiting CRM platform.  Whether it’s parsing a candidate CV, or pulling in web-based work history via our Chrome Parsing Tool, we’re here to make life easier for recruiters.

Well, you asked and we answered: make parsing even better.  Better taxonomy cleanup. Searchable education and complete work history, right within Crelate. Also, Premium Resume Parser offers better parsing for non-US addresses.

Beyond parsing, combine this with the new Resume Toolbox features below, and you’ve got a powerful recipe for finding the right candidate and putting them in front of your client faster than the competition. Both now and down the road when we’ve got open reqs to go with the A-player talent pipeline you’re building today.

Introducing: Resume Toolbox

Preparing a candidate resume to present to your hiring authority can be a downright drag. You told us that this process could take upwards of 10 or even 20 minutes, to redact every bit of identifiable candidate info when necessary, to apply your agency’s branding, and to double check things like document properties for those pesky little details that can prevent the dreaded end-around.

With Resume Toolbox, we’re excited to give Crelate recruiters a competitive edge.

In a matter of a few clicks instead of several minutes, you can now:

  • Automatically redact a candidate resume for name and contact info
  • Consistently apply your branding to the CV header
  • Clear existing document properties

See Resume Toolbox in action, along with Premium Resume Parser in the video below from Solutions Architect, Tim Keckler.

Upgraded Job Publishing

Based on customer feedback, we’ve made both free and paid job publishing even more intuitive and streamlined.  The result: it’s now easier to publish, easier to advertise, and easier to see where you’ve promoted a role.

That’s it for now. If you’re new to Crelate, our Sales team would be happy to provide a guided walk-through of the platform, including all of these new features.

If you’re an existing customer you can work with our customer success team to access any of these features. Alternatively, you can watch the recording of last week’s in-depth release webinar.

Until next time!


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