New: Crelate Deliver – Assign Tasks, Track Time, and Get Paid

Crelate Deliver for Staffing Agencies

With the launch of Crelate Omni™, our full suite of products – RecruitHire, and Deliver – combine our fast and flexible front-office recruiting platform with our new, intuitive, middle- and back-office offerings. Taken as a whole, Omni comprises a powerful and customizable end-to-end solution for the modern staffing agency.

Of the three modules, Crelate Deliver empowers you to create and manage staffer assignments, and track time and expenses to generate billable and payable items.

In sum, Deliver accelerates and streamlines your delivery of talent, and your ability to assign tasks, track time, and get paid.

What’s Included in Deliver?

Crelate Deliver Placements
Crelate Deliver Placements


Manage your employees’ assignments easily within Crelate from an intuitive dashboard, and never lose contingent talent to a competitor because of disjointed assignment or tracking systems. Automated status alerts help you anticipate and act when your team is coming off assignment and ready for what’s next. From transparency into assignments, to integrating with timekeeping and invoicing, Assignments holds the critical information you need in order to make the right decisions.


Our timekeeping feature provides an easy, consistent, and mobile-first process for tracking and managing your critical billable hours. Manage timecard submittals and approvals directly from your Crelate dashboard. Assign timecard templates and manage expenses. Inform employees, clients and internal users of submittal and approval deadlines with automated alerts. Regardless of your firm’s model, Timekeeping lets you track your employees’ time seamlessly and integrates with your entire Crelate toolset to accelerate and streamline your business. Watch this video for an example of our timekeeping functionality:


Never again create an invoice by hand. We’re not here to replace accounting, but we can help you ditch the spreadsheets for a customizable, integrated tool that actually makes getting paid easier. To help you manage this critical aspect of your business, our Invoicing tool directly integrates with Crelate’s time and expense tracking, allowing you to create batch or individual invoices and track payments from your dashboard. With a built-in aging report and exportable general ledger, the Invoicing tool puts a crystal-clear view of your organization’s cash flow front and center. Watch this video for an example of our invoicing functionality:

Payroll Export

Whatever your choice of payroll provider, whatever internal system works best for you and your org, our payroll export tool allows you to easily export your assignment and timekeeping information to your payroll system. Whether it’s ADP, PayChex, Intuit or ‘other’, Crelate gives you the flexibility to precisely customize your export, so that payroll just works.

Crelate Deliver – Accelerate Delivery of Talent, and Your Ability to Assign Tasks, Track Time, and Get Paid

Crelate Deliver provides everything you need to get workers out to assignments, and to get you – and them – paid on time.

Learn more about Crelate Deliver on the product page or in the Crelate Knowledge Base.

And if you’re ready to see how Hire can help you accelerate your hiring and onboarding processes, book time with a Crelate product expert now.

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