Crelate 2022 Product Roadmap

I hope everyone had a prosperous 2021. Last year we saw people getting back to work — and our customers rising to the occasion. Hiring surged across almost every industry, with our customers growing at record rates and making a record number of placements using Crelate as their recruiting platform. With 2021 behind us, I want to share some exciting news and where Crelate is innovating in 2022.

As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, firstly, I’m pleased to share that we’ve closed a strategic round of financing from our existing investors. We’re ready for another year of building and growth! This past year I was able to speak with many of you, and I want to reiterate our commitment to of the craft of professional recruiting. Crelate is in this for the long run, and with this most recent round of financing we will continue to invest in building the fastest, most flexible, and empowering recruiting and staffing platform on the planet. As a dev founder, I have a particular passion for product development. We will continue to prioritize product-led growth and are investing heavily in product innovation. Our strategy means new capabilities, greater flexibility, faster performance, and more integrations from the recruiting platform you use every day.

With that, I’d like to share our 2022 Product Roadmap. This roadmap is subject to change, but I hope it gives insight into where we are investing.

We’ve created four key pillars of innovation for 2022:

  1. Automation – Our customers are busier than ever. We want to do more to maximize your team’s productivity. Look for investments in the following areas:
    1. Sequencing – Maximize sales and recruiting outreach efforts with customizable user-driven workflows that automate tedious work and maximize manual engagement. Sequences are different than drip campaigns; Sequences provide automation that maximizes manual activity – this enables personal touch at scale.
    2. Rules Engine – Configure triggers and rules that automate various data operations based on business rules you configure and control.
    3. Automation Feedback Items – Our team will be combing our community Feedback forum for asks that align with the pillar of automation.
    4. More Integrations – Less clicks, more speed. More integrations will give you access to world-class platforms for key recruiting and talent needs.
  2. Omni vNext – In 2022, we launched the first iteration of our middle and back-office software offerings. Customer response has been highly positive and we are already iterating based on early adopter feedback. Specifically, look for the team to offer:
    1. Onboarding vNext – We’re making onboarding even more effortless with direct E-Verify integration and improved I9 processing and management.
    2. Timekeeping – We’re making timekeeping more flexible by adding multiple time types, timecard import, additional pay periods, and daily notes.
    3. Geofencing – We’re going to build tools to help you meet location-centric timekeeping requirements.
  3. Next Level Fit and Finish – We take great pride in the product that we build. Pride of ownership is just one of the reasons we have a credit screen in our About Box where every member of our team gets to put their name and say, “I built this.” We’re expanding our investment in responding to community Feedback items that align with fit and finish—fixing little things that make the product more enjoyable.
    1. Data Enrichment – We are going to improve the accuracy of candidate matches and a few more goodies.
    2. Splits and Relationships – We’re making improvements to let you define who’s responsible for what, so you can better attribute contributions and enable your commission process.
    3. Mobile – Continued expansion of our mobile capabilities, including the ability to send Form Requests to candidates and customers from your phone.
  4. Platform First – Beneath it all, Crelate is a platform to run your business on. Because every business is unique, we need to be flexible and open by default. We also need to grow continuously to keep up with our ever-evolving customers. We need to integrate with best-in-breed tools and offer a robust API that lets any customer achieve any goal while using Crelate as their primary system of record. To that end, look for significant investments in the following areas:
    1. Public API 2.0 – An expanded API with more capabilities and better performance.
    2. Marketplace 2.0 – We’re building an expanded marketplace that offers more integrations with more partners than ever before. We are also looking to provide integrations with payroll providers, Salesforce and HubSpot.
    3. Security Capabilities vNext – Look for features that allow you even more control over who can do and see what in the system. We hope to unlock scenarios for multi-office customers as well.
    4. Performance and scale upgrades – Continuation of our never-ending investment in being that fast Applicant Tracking System on the market.

Our roadmap reflects just some of what we have planned for this year. We have even more ambitious items planned as well, but we’re not ready to announce those just yet. 😊

Thank you again for being a Crelate customer. Productive recruiters improve lives and push the economy forward, which benefit us all. We wish you all a prosperous 2022.

Aaron Elder CEO

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