Crelate Talent Product Roadmap  

We’re on a journey to build the best recruiting software solution and we’re doing it with your help. Our customers provide feedback to help us prioritize product development investments. We release major updates on a quarterly basis and are committed to continuously innovating our platform. Transparency is important to us because we want to earn your trust, and that’s why we’re happy to share the following feature roadmap. 

Q1 2020 Roadmap

  • Client Engagement and Reporting Portal – Use a collaborative Client Portal to share information from your Crelate database with your clients. Users can collaborate and share progress on searches with clients and hiring managers. This includes capabilities to schedule reports and share them with clients.
  • Placement API Document and Credential Management   Add, update, and track important documents and credentials in Crelate. For example, recruiters will be able to add manage certain employees required licenses, and even trigger reminders for renewals if there is an expired credential.
  • More job boards! – Expanding our integration with existing job boards and adding integrations with more organic and paid job boards.
  • External Resume Search – Improvements with Resume-Library and new external resume search with Dice and CareerBuilder.
  • Submittals – To audit when your client views resumes and candidate information


2020 Roadmap – Timing TBD

  • Document Management 
  • Candidate Engagement Portal
  • Candidate Update Forms 
  • Employee Onboarding and Checklists
  • Checkr Background Check Integration
  • Improved International Support (Parsing, Search, Addresses)
  • Sequencing

Q3 2019 Roadmap (September 2019) DONE! Click here to learn more… 

  • RingCentral Integration Updates – We moved out of BETA, with the public launch of our RingCentral integration. This release expands automatic call-tracking, screen pops and more. We’ve also enabled the ability to send text messages using your RingCentral number.
  • Recruitment Marketing – Gain better insight into your email campaigns and recruitment marketing efforts with new Crelate emailing features. Users will have the ability to send targeted emails to thousands of contacts, and track key metrics such as open rates and click-through rates (CTRs). This will also include bulk email improvements to add custom “from” addresses and other important contact information.
  • New User Inline Training Updates – We are improving our in-app training experiences to help users get up to speed quickly

Q3 2019 Roadmap (August 2019) DONE! Click here to learn more… 

  • Zapier Automation – This month we launched our Zapier integration out of BETA and added templates to for Crelate customers start automating tasks right away. Our engineering team expanded the existing Triggers and Actions to give busy recruiters more tools to automate their processes. Without complex code, Zapier shares information between Crelate and other apps. Connect Crelate to over a thousand other applications such as Constant Contact, Google, QuickBooks, and more. Learn more.
  • Improved Sourcing Tools with Resume-Library – Now available for all Crelate customers.
  • Indeed Job Publishing – We’ve updated our integration with Indeed by increasing the campaign length from 15 days to 30 days and adding the ability to set custom budgets on sponsored jobs.
  • neuvoo Job Board – We’ve added neuvoo job board to our list of organic job board providers. With neuvoo, your jobs can be in front of more than 40 million candidates a month. When this feature is enabled, jobs published to your Career Portal will be sent to neuvoo automatically.
  • Performance / Engineering Updates – In our quest to be the fastest ATS on the market, we’ve made several engineering updates to our infrastructure and core platform.
  • Enhancements to Custom Fields – Custom fields are expanded to include additional fields such as picklists, multi-picklists, Booleans, and ratings.

Q1 2019 Roadmap (February 2019) DONE! Click here to learn more… 

  • Crelate Connector Mobile App 2.0 – update includes activity tracking, editing candidates and access to your jobs and companies.
  • Settings Area Updates – We have re-organized our administrative and personal settings so they’re easier to find and manage.
  • Suggestions – Crelate is designed to save you time, we will be investing in our new Suggestions features throughout the user interface to provide quick tips and data-backed suggestions to save clicks and time. This release suggests who you might want to invite when scheduling interviews and more.
  • Additional Tweaks – We’ve improved the reliability of spreadsheet imports, and expanded custom picklists to “Placement and Loss” forms.
  • Performance / Engineering Updates – In our quest to be the fastest ATS on the market, we’ve made several engineering updates to our infrastructure and core platform.
  • Enhancements to Custom Fields – Custom fields are expanded to include additional fields such as picklists, multi-picklists, Booleans, and ratings.

Q1 2019 Roadmap (January 2019) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Custom Form Field Mappings – We’re excited to bring you Custom Form Field Mappings with this release! With mappings you can now automatically copy data from completed activity forms directly to the corresponding Contact, Company, and Job records.
  • Additional Custom Field Types – We’ve added new yes/no, star ranking, single choice and multiple choice pick lists to our custom field types.
  • Organization Audit Improvement – We’ve expanded auditing capabilities for Business and Enterprise customers by providing administrators with a deeper understanding of who took what actions on a particular record, and compare previous data points with current values.
  • Public API Improvements – We’ve add new endpoint to request full and partial backups via the API.

Q4 2018 Roadmap (November 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Next Reporting Reporting – The home page and job boards are getting the ability expanded ability to filter records based on upcoming activities. Example: show me who is interviewing within the next week.
  • Open / Completed Activity Reporting – We are making improvements to our activity reports to filter on more than just activity type, this new feature will let you filter by activity status as well. Example: Show me how many interviews actually happened in the last 2 weeks.
  • Additional User Role Privileges – For our Business subscribers, we are adding additional user privilege controls to allow administrators to more gradually control who can access system views and find capabilities.
  • Crelate Connector BETA Release 2 – As our next generation, mobile client marches towards feature parity with our existing mobile app, Crelate Connector Beta 2 offers the search, grid views, candidates, activity streams, resumes and more.

Q3 2018 Roadmap (September 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Crelate Connector Mobile App – We’re working on new iPhone and Android apps. The first release is focused on enabling Crelate Text Messaging from your phone. After that, we will enable all mobile features in the new app.
  • Job Dashboard Improvements: What’s Next at a glance – We’re making it easier to see and filter on the next step or action item across all candidates in a search. This will make it easier to run your weekly team meeting and report on progress to clients.
  • Activity Template Improvements – We continue to improve our Activity Template and Form Builder features for standardized recruiting processes. This release enables more question types including both single and multiple choice picklist, number, currency, and dates.

Q3 2018 Roadmap (July 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Spark Hire Integration – We’re created an exciting feature that integrates video interview service Spark Hire with Crelate.
  • Better Office 365 Integration – Some exciting new capabilities for customers using Microsoft Office 365.
  • User Role Improvements – We gave administrators even more control over user privileges. This update adds full control over access to custom activities (None, Read Only, Create, Edit and Full) as well as control who has access to the system activities Notes and Tasks.
  • External Resume Search v1 – We added a third-party resume database to the search and sourcing capabilities. The initial launch will include Resume-Library and CareerBuilder.

Q2 2018 Roadmap (June 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Text Messaging v1 – We gathered feedback from our BETA customers to launch a version of Texting Messaging by Crelate in late June.
  • More engineering improvements – We’re committed to having one of the fastest Recruiting CRM / ATS solutions on the market, we are always making upgrades to make our already fast system even faster. With this release, we’ve made searches up to 4X faster and improved overall system performance by about 25%.


Q2 2018 Roadmap (May 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • GDPR Readiness and Capabilities – We released features that are designed to help our customers be GDRP compliant.


Q2 2018 vNext (April 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Text Messaging (BETA) – Recruiters that text candidates see faster response turnarounds. Crelate now has capabilities that allow you to send, receive and track text messages with candidates and clients.
  • Third-party Resume Search (BETA) – Search external resume databases directly within Crelate and see results right alongside candidates in your database. Import external resumes with just one click.
  • Improved International Support – Configure your organization’s date time, number format and currency settings, country settings for job postings and better processing of international phone numbers.
  • Portal Improvements – Improved support for including your portal in Google and Bing Search indexes. Support to include Google Jobs metadata on your portal. Improved support for third-party analytics and conversion tracking.


Q1 Roadmap (February 2018) DONE! Click here to learn more…

  • Activity Templates – We expanded our existing candidate questionnaire feature that enable recruiting teams to standardize processes for phone screens, interviews and more… our new Activity Template feature allows users to create forms and integrate them into their recruiting workflows.
  • Sales Reporting and more – For premium customers, we enhanced our reporting capabilities to include new sales and ratio reports. Additionally, we enabled the ability to customize and save different report definitions.
  • EEO / OFCCP Reporting – Offer and capture pre-offer self-identification surveys; limit access to EEO administrators and generate EEO survey data to help your organization with compliance and reporting requirements.


Q1 Roadmap (Target January 2018) DONE!

  • Engineering Upgrades – We made significant investments in our server and hosting infrastructure. We added additional redundancy and capacity throughout our infrastructure. We also invested in additional monitoring and performance management capabilities.


Last updated: 10/31/2019

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DISCLAIMER: Smart software development is fluid, and things are subject to change. The information provided on this page is intended to outline the general Crelate Talent product direction. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. We may decide to add new functionality at any time depending on our capability to deliver features that meet Crelate quality standards. The development, releases and timing of any features or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Crelate. This roadmap does not represent a commitment, obligation or promise to deliver any products to the customer at any time.