What’s New October 2016

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Just three months after our last release, we have a another great release of Crelate Talent for you! In this release, we have made major investments in our underlying email features. The goal is to improve the delivery of emails you are sending directly to candidates and clients. We call these “transactional emails” (as opposed to bulk emails) and we know that delivery reliability and trackability is key. We have also used this time to improve the experience around sending calendar invites and have expanded the functionality of our email templates. Keep reading below to learn about all the other improvements we have made.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this release and we look forward to more great updates in our next release.

– The Crelate Team

IMPROVED – Email 2.0 and Personal Email Integration (BETA)

In this release we are making major updates to our templates and email features. Email templates are more customizable than ever and now allow you to bring in related fields such as Job Descriptions and more! Submittal templates get a big boost, with new ways to customize how candidates are rendered in the email. Additionally, we have made improvements to our calendar invite feature, we believe this will make calendaring more reliable and much easier to use. Finally, we are pleased to announce a beta of Personal Email Integration, this feature lets you directly connect Crelate to your personal inbox. When connected, emails will come directly from you, they will appear in your Sent Items and the deliverability of these messages will be identical to what you would get if you manually sent the email from your own mail client.

NOTE: Personal Email Integration is an optional new feature, existing email features will continue to work exactly as they have been.

Highlights include:

  • NEWPersonal Email Integration Gmail (BETA) – We now support direct connection to Gmail, this means you can authorize Crelate to send emails directly from your Gmail account, it also means that we can automatically add calendar appointments to your Gmail calendar!
  • NEWPersonal Email Integration Office 365 (BETA) – We now support direct connection to Office 365, this means you can authorize Crelate to send emails directly from your Office 365 account!
  • NEWPersonal Email Integration SMTP (BETA) – We now support direct connection to any SMTP enabled mail server, this means you can authorize Crelate to send emails directly from your email account!
  • IMPROVEDCalendar Invite Improvements – The calendar invite process has been streamlined, all invited attendees (including candidates) are now a part of the same invite, this makes rescheduling and appointment updates much more consistent with other calendaring applications. You can still send the candidate a private note, but this will be sent via a separate email.
  • NEWEmail Template Improvements – We have made a lot more data fields available for use on email templates. There are too many to list here, but it is now possible add fields from related records, including from the job, or the job’s company, or the candidate’s employer and more. An example would be you can now email someone a job description via a templated email!
  • NEWSubmittal Template Improvements – Submittal templates get all the same benefits as standard email templates, but also get a new ability to customize how the candidates are presented! Whether you submit one or more candidates, you are now in control of what candidate information is included and how it is displayed!
  • IMPROVEDData Slugs / Insert Data – The data slug menu is better organized and sorted, to make it easier to find the fields you want to add to your templates.
  • NEWTemplates and Multiple Recipients – Multiple To Recipients are now supported in email templates.

NEW – More Free Job Boards + LogicMelon Integration

Based on market changes and feedback from customers, we continuously evaluate our Job Board partnerships. With this release, we are launching three additional free job board integrations! In addition, we are pleased to announce an integration with LogicMelon. With LogicMelon, you can now post your jobs to over 6000 job boards world wide!
  • NEWLogicMelon Integration – LogicMelon is a leading job distribution service, with options to post to almost 6000 different job boards. If you need to integrate your instance of Crelate with niche job boards or ones we don’t support natively, LogicMelon is your one-stop-shop.
  • NEWJob Rapido Integration – Focused on bring you people, not clicks – JobRapido’s goal is simple better candidates in shorter time for less money.
  • NEWLiveCareer Integration – LiveCareer offers an award-winning online resume builder that allows anyone to create, edit and send a professionally designed, results-driven resume in minutes. Founded in 2005 with the simple mission of creating products that help job-seekers land the jobs they want, LiveCareer offers a full suite of career development tools, including professional resume and cover letter writing services, scientifically-validated career tests and video interview tutorials.
  • NEWResumeLibrary Integration – Resume-Library is America’s leading independent job site dedicated to helping candidates find their dream career and supporting recruiters in sourcing the right talent for their vacancies. They are one of the fastest growing job boards in the US.

IMPROVED – Resume Parsing and Viewing

With this release, our resume handling features get a few much-requested improvements. We have updated our resume parser to parse out the current or last employer as well as most recent job title! Additionally, we have added a new resume and document viewer that now supports finding and highlighting of search terms!
  • NEW – Parser Current Company – The resume parser will now attempt to parse out a candidates current or most recent employer. NOTE: This can be turned off via your organization’s settings.
  • NEW – Parser Current Job Title – The resume parser will now attempt to parse out a candidates current or most recent job title. NOTE: This can be turned off via your organization’s settings.
  • NEW – Data Cleanup Options – When parsing company names, the system will automatically attempt to normalize the names, such as removing “Corp”, “Inc” and “LLC” from the endings. NOTE: This can be turned off via your organization’s settings.
  • NEW – Document Viewer – The new document viewer is loaded with new features, such as search within document, keyword highlighting and more. NOTE: You can still use the old default browser viewer by turning off the new viewer in your personal settings.
  • NEW – Search Term Highlighting – When you perform search and view resumes from the results, the keywords you were searching for will now be automatically highlighted in the resume! NOTE: This only works if you leave the new document viewer enabled.

And a few more goodies…
As always, this release has a wide array of other improvements based mostly on customer feedback and requests.

  • IMPROVED – Mega Portal Descriptions: We significantly increased the amount of text and HTML you can include in your portal description.
  • IMPROVED – Delete / Reset Job Updates: When you reset or delete a job, we now properly cleanup any job board postings that would be pointing to the old or non-existent URL.
  • IMPROVED – Slow connection stability: We made several improvements that should improve the initial rendering speed on computers with slow internet connections.
  • IMPROVED – When did we submit that?: We have added a date column to the submittal grid on jobs.
  • IMPROVED – Click to call: If you have a 3rd party click-to-call plug-in installed, we made it easier for those tools to work on phone numbers throughout the application.
  • FIXED – Too many activity filters: We fixed an issue where too many activity filters on the job dashboard would not fit correctly on small screens.
  • FIXED – Saving you a few clicks: We fixed an issue where it might require two clicks to save emails and other records with HTML editors.
  • FIXED – Wrong font on data slugs: We fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong font would be used on data slugs in customized email templates.
  • IMPROVED – iPad Improvements: We fixed several issues that should improve the performance and experience for iPad users.
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