Crelate Increases Client Portal Features and Limits for All Business Customers

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Keep Clients in the Loop with Crelate’s Client Portal

Now included in business-level subscriptions or higher, Crelate’s bundled Client Portal represents industry-leading value.

As a recruiter, you know that in every search, you have two customers: the client and the candidate.

Keeping your client engaged is just as important as finding the right talent, and solid recruiter-client communication is a must when it comes to ensuring a successful placement. And in retained scenarios, demonstrated traction is a must. Executive Recruiters can spend half their week producing activity and search reports for their customers; this time would be much better spent connecting with candidates and finding new orders to work.

It’s for these reasons that Crelate invested heavily in delivery of our Client Portal in 2020.

The Crelate Client Portal puts you in control. Managed by the recruiter, easily accessed by the client, and powered by the Crelate Recruiting CRM, our Client Portal keeps hiring managers in sync, improves relationships with your clients, saves you time, and drives down your time to hire.

Crelate Client Portal Overview

The Client Portal allows recruiting and staffing agencies to keep clients up-to-date, share candidates, and gather feedback. It enables agencies to stay in control of what the client sees and when, with automated real-time alerts and a record of all client interactions and feedback regarding candidates in one centralized, easily accessible location. And it eliminates communication via long, disjointed and confusing email threads, saving you time so you can be more productive doing what you do best: recruiting the best talent for your clients.

Crelate Client Portal Invitation Email

Now: Improved Client Portal Functionality and Expanded Access Included for Free

We know this functionality is critical to the success of our customers, which is why we’re happy to announce that we’re enabling advanced Client Portal capabilities to all Crelate customers with a Business-level subscription or higher, all included in your subscription.

Customers looking for even more advanced Client Portal features such as per-client customization and custom Job/Staging mappings can access these features at a higher subscription tier by contacting Customer Success.

And not only are we unlocking more advanced features, we’re also changing the way we calculate the Client Portal access limits, helping to ensure every Recruiter is able to share candidates and hiring progress with their clients. (You now have ability host up to ten jobs on the Client Portal per user on your account.)

Crelate Client Portal Client Feedback Tool

By including this expanded functionality free of charge with your subscription, Crelate more than ever offers industry-leading value for a combination Recruiting CRM and ATS.

To learn more about the features and functionality of our Client Portal, and to find out how it helps recruiting and staffing agencies better communicate with your clients, check out this post on the Crelate blog.

To learn more about Crelate’s combination Recruiting CRM and ATS, sign up for a demo now.

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