A New Recruiting CRM and ATS for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies

Crelate Recruiting CRM Launch

New recruiting CRM software combines opportunity and talent management into a single solution to help staffing and recruiting agencies meet the talent needs of their customers.

KIRKLAND, WASH.OCTOBER 31, 2017  — Crelate, the recruiting software company that helps staffing and recruiting agencies collaboratively manage talent and opportunity pipelines, today announces the latest release of its unified Recruiting CRM and Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS). Crelate’s latest update to its Recruiting CRM includes the ability to manage lead and opportunity funnels, track potential placement value and forecast possible revenue. Staying true to Crelate’s goal of flexibility, the new release offers fully customizable sales stages, valuation calculations, placement forms and opportunity types. This latest release expands upon Crelate’s established features and enables staffing and recruiting agencies to keep their sales and talent pipelines aligned in a single recruiting software solution.

The global workforce is increasingly mobile and dynamic; with both workers and employers seeking greater flexibility and immediacy. With the rise of the millennial workforce and the flexible Gig Economy, the need for smart and efficient talent acquisition solutions is growing. The global staffing and recruiting industry is rapidly adapting to meet this need. By offering modern, flexible recruiting software that focuses on the two key workstreams of the staffing and recruiting industry, Crelate helps its’ agency customers deliver the right talent at the right time to their customers.

“Whether we know it or not, we’re all gig workers now.” said Aaron Elder, CEO and co-founder of Crelate. “Talent mobility is at an all-time high and the recruiting industry is rapidly adapting to meet this challenge; recruiting software needs to do the same. To us, the need for a recruiting industry focused CRM solution is obvious; when your product is people traditional then CRM solutions designed to sell widgets just aren’t a fit.”

“When we looked at the typical selling process for traditional businesses, we knew the experience wasn’t optimal for the recruiting and staffing industry. We wanted to craft a tailored industry-specific experience.” said James Dulin, the Chief Product Officer for Crelate. “For our customers, the recruiting and sales workflows are very intertwined, and our customers need an experience that allows them to participate in both processes seamlessly. We didn’t want to build just a sales add-on, but a feature that is integral to the entire recruitment experience.”

In addition to releasing their next-generation Recruitment CRM capabilities, Crelate has been focused on enhancing their visual workflow experience by adding additional filtering options and visualizations. Tim Keckler, the Director of Customer Success for Crelate, said “I often hear from customers that Crelate is a ‘living report that you work in’, and users realize the value in that very quickly. Now recruiters can configure candidate or opportunity tiles to dynamically change color and react to changes in information. This allows our users to be even more efficient in their day-to-day work, which is our goal.”

The latest update is available immediately and more information is available here: What’s new in Crelate Recruiting Software October 2017.

About Crelate
Founded in 2012, with over 550 staffing and recruiting agency customers, Crelate is committed to helping talent-focused businesses grow and manage their relationship with a fluid and increasingly dynamic global workforce. Crelate provides a fast, flexible recruiting software solution that manages both the applicant tracking process as well as the sales process in a single unified recruiting solution. By focusing on small and mid-market customers, Crelate fuels the success of businesses that are powering the gig economy.

For more information on Crelate, visit https://crelate.com

Originally posted via: PRWeb

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