“It’s good to be back” – Crelate is moving the West Coast office back to Kirkland, Washington

Crelate Office Vegeta

We’ve come a very long way from moving out of our CEO’s basement. After spending what felt like two short years in Bothell, I am happy to say the team has finally moving the office back to Kirkland. We got our start in Kirkland back in 2012 and it feels good to be back in our hometown. Selecting a new office space for a startup can be a challenge. Balancing commutes, cost, terms, parking, and fit along with the current and future needs of a growing business is no easy task. Fortunately, we a little bit of legwork and a team vote we arrived in the perfect space! Our new office is awesome, has plenty of free parking and provides some much need space for our expansion!  We are also now within walking distance to plenty of downtown Kirkland restaurants as well as few favorite local coffee shops. The team is settled in, Costco runs have commenced, and we even have a few empty desks looking to be filled by an awesome developer, marketer or customer success teammate.

Wilson and Clint working on our new Text Messaging feature.


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