Lights! Camera!…Hello? How to Capitalize on Your Next Video Interview

A man engaged in candidate engagement at a desk with a green background.

This is it! This is your chance! The first step in a process that might change your life forever.

Some people get nervous about video interviews, and it can be a little stressful, but you don’t have to be one of these people! Video interviews are a fantastic opportunity for you to show who you really are.

A video interview allows you to:

  • Display your soft skills
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Exemplify your attention to detail
  • Highlight your personality
  • Show off your passion

The opportunity to be interviewed via video should excite you. More than a phone call that leaves a lot up to interpretation. You’ll be able to notice body language and cues from each other. Recruiters get to see what candidates are passionate about, and candidates get an opportunity to meet face-to-face with their liaison to the hiring manager. Considering most video interviews are with a recruiter instead of a hiring manager, it’s a mutually beneficial conversation for both parties. You both need each other to achieve your goals. As a candidate, it’s an opportunity to ask more questions about the company, culture, and overall opportunity.

Also, just because this interview is happening at home for you, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily saving time by not having to drive or fly in. There’s still a lot of prep you need to do before you go on. Taking advantage of these tips will help you capitalize on your next video interview.

Candidate Execution

The first thing to understand is to control what you can control. If your laptop doesn’t have a webcam, your smartphone will work fine. If you don’t have a smartphone, a local library will have laptops available for use. If something comes up and your internet isn’t working correctly, reschedule for another time. How you handle these situations is a part of the process; it can even benefit you if handled professionally.

Prep like this is the Final Interview

Don’t take it for granted or let your guard down, just because you’re in the confines of your own home. The recruiter will be looking for reasons to discount you for the position; they already believe you’d be a good fit, and that’s why you got the call. Research the company and know their story; what they came from, how and why. Know the position you’re applying for inside and out. For each bullet point listed, prepare something to say about how you can achieve that requirement. 

Dress the Part (for a Webcam)

Wearing whatever you deem professional to an interview is fine – but in front of a webcam, there are specific requirements to keep in mind:

  • Don’t wear white (reflects too much light)
  • Stay away from black also (tends to wash out facial features)
  • Wear soft, solid colors (purple, blue, teal, cobalt)
  • Avoid crazy patterns (self-explanatory)
  • Keep jewelry simple

The less you can do to distract the interviewer, the better. Let your answers to the questions speak for themselves.

Be Confident with Eye Contact (and Relax)

Nonverbal communication is an essential skill to master during the job interview process. Maintaining proper eye contact exudes confidence and shows the interviewer you’re comfortable answering questions regarding this potential job. If you’re comfortable, the recruiter will be comfortable as well, creating an excellent overall interview experience. And that’s what we’re after.

Interview Station Set-up

Having the proper webcam setup can be the difference between just another interview and an interview to remember. We’re going after every aspect that can help you get this job. Installing the proper interview set-up is essential.  

Type of Webcam

There are plenty of webcams out there. The ones already installed on your laptop or smartphone will work fine. But these cameras will bring the experience to the next level (Source: Tech Radar):

And remember, just because you think your nose hairs look good, doesn’t mean everyone else does. Place the webcam pointed slightly down towards you, so you are looking up towards the camera. If this means placing some books under your laptop, then do it!

Background & Lighting

The theme throughout this article has been about taking you from every other candidate’s level to someone that shines. A bright, open space with a solid background will once again ensure the recruiter is focused solely on you. The lighting will help brighten up your features and make you seem more approachable. Try to avoid windows behind you, and place two lamps on both sides of you.

A Behind the Scenes Look into Your Video

Once recruiters have called it a wrap, that’s certainly not the end of your video’s lifecycle. Recruiters are then able to transition your video into their applicant tracking system and customer relationship management software.

At Crelate, we help to make this happen. Our ATS and CRM platform integrates with sophisticated technology to manage interviews and associated tasks that are automatically entered into a recruiter’s database. We build software solution for recruiters to find, evaluate, and place more candidates.

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