Using HubSpot to Kick-Start Your Marketing Automation

Recruiting and Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is blowing up right now. Growing at a rate of 30%+ annually, businesses are beginning to see the potential of what marketing automation can do for them. Marketing automation is the process in which software tracks the user throughout their buyer journey and implements certain actions along the way. These actions help to improve lead generation, relationship marketing, segmentation, scheduling and tracking of clicks and engagement with your brand.    

When set up correctly, marketing automation streamlines go-to-market campaigns to increase efficiency and reduce human error. Sound complicated? Software like Hubspot is built for this. 

HubSpot is an all-encompassing, easy to use, marketing automation platform. In this article, we’ll explore the ways in which HubSpot is part of a strong marketing automation strategy.  

The Way It Works 

Times have changed 

Previously, consumers found ways to skip over ads placed in front of them; think changing the channel on commercials, or screening calls from your caller ID. This is precisely why cold calling and direct mail campaigns steadily began losing their effectiveness.  

Now, marketers can take an all-out approach by using integrated software to target specific audiences and deliver relevant content to potential consumers.   

Prepare for an influx of new clients 

Think of it this way:  

You send a branded message email to 500 people. Some people don’t even open it as they’ve never heard of you, and some disregard it as spam.  

Now think of sending an email to 100 people that have already engaged with your website and have spent some time clicking through articles.  

Let’s say of those 100 that spent time on your site, 20 of them clicked on the blue section, 20 on the red section, and 60 on the white, all colors representing different products. With automated marketing, these users can now be targeted via email specifically to what they have previously clicked.  

On top of that, emails can also include additional call-to-action buttons, such as sign-up for our newsletter, to invite and retain engagement over time.  

Delivering Results 

There is plenty of feedback to gain from automated marketing; and HubSpot makes it easy. Once you finish setting up your marketing campaigns, the unified platform allows you to personalize each customer experience, learn from your audience, and optimize with testing.   

The ROI that users see with HubSpot is also great, with an astonishing 70% increase in lead to customer conversion rate. The more integrated you are with proven marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, the greater your results can be.  

Educating Users 

One aspect HubSpot really gains accolades for is their ability to educate their clients. If you’re worried about getting lost in translation, fear not. Hubspot produces a plethora of helpful articles not only about their products but about the latest marketing techniques. There is a lot that encompasses this field and HubSpot explains each step of the way.   

Outside of their articles, they also offer HubSpot Academy and Resources. In the academy, users are able to take lessons, courses, certifications, and even receive live training. Hubspot Resources offers ebooks, a variety of templates, A/B testing kits, and other tools to help with your brand awareness.  

Is HubSpot For You? 

If you’re just starting out in marketing automation, there may be no better product than HubSpot. To quote the HubSpot CEO, “Your success with marketing and sales is much more dependent on the width of your brain than the width of your wallet.” In other words, you can do more with less. 

HubSpot is a terrific platform for businesses wanting to engage with their customers.  

At Crelate, we offer high-powered, data-driven ATS and CRM solutions to organizations looking to automate their recruiting efforts. If this sounds like a winning strategy for your team, contact us today.  

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