Pulse Check: Social Media Best Practices for the Talent Industry

Social Media Best Practices for the Talent Industry

As a talent business, having new recruiters update their LinkedIn profile when they join your firm may seem obvious. You may even have a well-built company page and some decent content. But, if you’re leaving it at just the basics, you could be missing out on both talent and new business. 

LinkedIn and other social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, or wherever your industry hangs out) should be a frequent stop in your reach out plan with talent and clients, serving as a place of connection, credibility, and relationship building. 

Your Company's Social Media Profile is Your Virtual Storefront

As much research as you and your team do on potential talent and clients, know that those prospects are doing just as much research into you and your company, too. The most common place for these people to find information are your social media pages – and not just the one for your business. 

Wait, my team's personal LinkedIn pages are business tools?

Absolutely. And to that end, your exec team and your recruiters and your sourcers should have updated, fully optimized profiles. These personal pages and posts can and should serve as additional storefronts, merchandising your company’s thought leadership in the markets you serve, as well as your open roles. Not to mention providing reassurance or validation that what your company says it values or offers on the “About” page, is echoed in unison by the people who make up your team.  

The key here is to provide a guide or training to your front-line team so they know the best practices around using the platform as a tool, and don’t get hung up on whether they’re doing it wrong. Incorporate this type of social media training in your annual meetings and, quarterly lunch and learns, and repeat it as often as needed until you’ve got everyone marching to the same beat. 

If you’re wondering what to include in this training, take a listen to Kortney Harmon in the video below for some best practices in social media for recruiting and staffing firms. 

Bottom line:  show your front-line team what’s possible.  Give them the context as well as the playbook.  

Help them create the edge they need to stand out in a sea of thousands of recruiters. Help them learn how to harness social media to build connections and relationships with their talent before the urgent req lands. Encourage your sales teams and account executives to use social for their client outreach plans.  

And use the tips in these videos or the full podcast episode below to empower your teams to sharpen those tools and increase revenue for your whole firm. 

For more about building and nurturing your passive talent pool, check out the full episode onThe Full Desk Experience.  

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