Security in Data Migration is a Top Priority

A Risky Way to Send Data

A couple of weeks ago I was working in the office when the mailman arrived with a small package. Dan Mattwig indicated it was for him. Dan’s a developer, at Crelate, and one of our data migration experts. I asked Dan what it was and he said, “We have a new customer migrating over from another ATS and this is their data.” I said, “Sending it through the mail? That’s old school!” Dan said, “Yes it is, and clearly not the most secure way.”

Data is a very important part of our lives. We use it everywhere from our jobs, our cars, and even our homes. Given the importance of data most of us are somewhat paranoid that we are going to lose it somehow.

For recruiters and sourcers their data is a treasure trove of important contacts and often years of networking. So, clearly this data should be handled very carefully and it’s critical to have trust in your ATS provider that they will do right by your data.

You want an ATS Provider that Respects Your Data

Furthermore, it’s really pivotal that you trust your ATS provider to respect your data regardless of whether you are a potential, current, or past customer.

Once you save your contact information into any kind of system, especially personal information, you expect it to be secure and handled correctly. Sadly, that is not always the case. This became apparent when we received a disk with a data extract for a customer that was migrating over to Crelate via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

The postal service is great for sending all kinds of things, but data shouldn’t be on the list. There is always the chance that the package could be ‘lost in the mail’ and often companies charge hundreds of dollars to have this sent through the mail. There are clearly better ways to handle this vital information.

The Crelate Way of Handling Your Data

Crelate takes pride in providing the most cost-efficient and secure ways of handling data migrations and data transfers at any time. We work hard to ease your anxieties about your important information so you can focus on much more important tasks. We believe that your data belongs to you and only you. Should you decide to leave, we retain your data for only 90 days, and then we delete the data from our servers. Given the fact that not all ATS providers may handle your data in responsible ways here are a few principles Crelate lives by.

Crelate’s policies regarding Your Data:

What Crelate WILL do:

  • When you sign up we will do a timely data migration from whatever source you provide so you can get your critical information into the Crelate system
  • In most cases our data migrations are done at no cost to you
  • If you should decide to leave Crelate we will provide you the ability to obtain an entire extract of all of your data, on demand, for FREE
  • If you ever need access to your data it is available with a few clicks, no questions asked or exorbitant fees charged

What Crelate WILL NOT do:

  • Send your data on a disk via the post office to you or your new ATS provider
  • Send your data in any way that could potentially compromise the data or cause you any more added stress/anxiety
  • Charge you a fee for extracting your data at anytime
  • Won’t make you wait for 2 weeks to get your data

Key Takeaway

A few days after the CD arrived I asked Dan how the migration was going and he said, “It’s going well there are no issues we were able to successfully migrate all of the data off this CD and into Crelate without any problems.” But he also pointed out that there are better ways for handling sensitive data and he would suggest avoiding sending data through the mail.

Crelate is an ATS provider that respects you and your data whether you are a potential customer, current customer, or previous customer. We understand the fluidity of recruiting and how important it is that your data be easily accessible and convenient in case you need to transfer it. Further, it’s our job to make sure that you don’t ever want to leave Crelate, but in the event that you do we will never hold your data hostage or keep it after you have left. These are the kinds of business practices we value when it comes handling your contact information.

In summary, if you want any more information on how we handle our migrations or how we give you access to your data, feel free to give us a call. We look forward to showing you there are better solutions for how to protect your data and rest easier.

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