Crelate’s Servers Get Another Upgrade

Crelate is Continuously Upgrading Hardware as We Grow

In today’s fast-paced business world it’s absolutely critical to have applications that are fast and reliable. This is especially true in the Recruiting world where timing can be everything as recruiters, hiring managers, and sourcers look to serve as matchmakers for candidates and their clients. Recruiters need to constantly gain access to candidate or client data and have a system that is reliable, fast, and accurate.

As Crelate has grown and continued to add users to our community we have also routinely upgraded our servers to ensure that we maintain an amazingly fast software that allows everyone to be as productive as possible.

In December, we performed a major upgrade of our underlying hosting infrastructure.  The new environment, has faster machines and more of them… with total capacity more than doubling from last year.  We take pride in offering one of the fast recruiting solutions on the market, with a goal of having no single request take more than half a second.  As part of this move, we continue to make improvements in the security of our customers data.  Our new environment is now 100% “encrypted at rest”, making full use of Microsoft Azure’s new encryption capabilities as well as security monitor capabilities.  For the techies in our audience, data is encrypted using industry standard AES-256 encryption.

We know how slow applications can negatively affect productivity. Therefore, we work very hard to provide a fast easy-to-use software solution. As we continue to grow we will also consistently upgrade security measures to ensure complete integrity of user data. In order to assist recruiters and hiring managers in aligning the right talent, with the right opportunity, at the right time it’s critical that your applicant tracking system consistently gets hardware upgrades.

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