What’s New December 2016

Ending the year without a release of Crelate Talent just doesn’t seem right, so we’re back with a new release! This year has been full of major feature releases and improvements throughout the application so this time around, we took a step back to focus on the inner workings and a handful of highly requested features. Here is what is new for December 2016.
We take pride in listening to our user community and making improvements to Crelate that will make their jobs easier and allow for more time to connect with people, rather than fussing with a cumbersome Applicant Tracking System!
We sincerely hope you enjoy this release and we look forward to more great updates in our next release.

– The Crelate Team

IMPROVED Application Approval Process

We’ve heard a lot of feedback regarding our application approval process and while we still have some work to do regarding this, we’ve taken some steps to try and make this a smoother experience overall. Our first step in this direction is an option to automatically approve applications as they come into Crelate! This means that applicants will be available for Search, visible in all areas of the app, and ready for notes and other activities!NOTE: This is a beta feature, and as such would appreciate any feedback to improve the feature!

NEW – View Duplicate Contacts in Crelate – Currently we present all contacts that we believe to be duplicates in the Data Quality area under settings, but we’ve heard some feedback that this can make contact information a bit hard to find so along with the application auto-approval, we’ve added an option to display duplicate contacts throughout Crelate. For those that never venture into Data Quality, this makes it much easier to find and merge duplicates as you find them!

NEW – Duplicate Contact Info Bar – To help out with identifying duplicate contacts, any contact that we determine to be a duplicate of another contact in the system will have a bar show at the top of their record page. Along with some information, it’ll present one-click options to help you resolve those duplicates.

And a few more goodies…

As always, this release has a wide array of other improvements based mostly on customer feedback and requests.

  • NEWEncryption at Rest: We’re always looking to adopt the latest in data security so we’ve added encryption for all data on disk so that you can rest easy knowing your data is even more secure!
  • IMPROVEDServer Hardware: We’ve upgraded our server hardware so you might notice a little boost in performance!
  • IMPROVEDOption to not automatically set start/end dates for Current Position: We’ve added an option to disable automatically adding the start and end date for Current Positions when the Timeline feature is enabled. We’ve actually made this the default option for new subscriptions, but to maintain our current functionality, all current subscriptions continue to use the old behavior. Head over to Settings > Contacts, Companies, Jobs to check out the setting!
  • IMPROVEDReal-Time Notification Updates: We’ve enabled an option to use a newer connection protocol for our real-time notifications. There shouldn’t be much of a change here, but under the hood, this should make the real-time connection much more performant.
  • IMPROVEDResume Parser Improvements: We’ve made a number of improvements to help with the accuracy of our resume parser especially around nicknames, name suffixes, company names, and a number of street address identifiers.
  • IMPROVEDCopy Job from the New Job Dialog: From the New Job Dialog, you can start a new job by copying information and candidates from an existing job.
  • IMPROVEDBetter link rendering on the grid: Links and email links in the grid now behave like they do in other parts in the app. Phone numbers can now be clicked to launch your softphone of choice.
  • IMPROVEDApplicant Duplicate Detection: We’ve made improvements to our automatic Application Duplicate Detection that will provide more accurant Contact matching.
  • IMPROVEDCreating Client Contacts: When creating Contacts from the Company’s Contact subgrid, those contacts will automatically be marked as Client Contacts.
  • FIXEDSticky Selection Rectangle on Tasks & Events: We fixed an issue where clicking on certain links/buttons would result in a sticky selection rectangle that wouldn’t go away until a page navigate or refresh.
  • FIXEDHomepage/Job Dashboard Export Sorting: Exporting from the Homepage or Job Dashboard will now have the resulting file respect your grouping options including the order of stages in your workflow.
  • FIXEDRemoving Current Position/Education with Timeline Disabled: We fixed a long standing issue that prevented the Current Position or Education field from being cleared out!
  • FIXEDCopy Job No Longer Copies Published Info: When copying a job, a number of fields are now excluded from copying over that described published job information.
  • FIXEDJob Owners Disappearing on Homepage: Job Owners no longer disappear on the homepage when opening and closing jobs.
  • FIXEDRetry PDF Preview: Fixed the retry button for PDF Previews when it takes longer than 15 seconds to process.
  • FIXEDDownload Original Link: The Download Original link the menu of the Document Preview in the side pane will now download the correct document.
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