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Hello everyone, Wilson here from the Dev Team at Crelate. Winter has certainly set in across the country and it’s almost time to enjoy family and friends for the Holidays. As you get ready for the Holiday break check out highlights this week of upgrades to Crelate coming very soon.

We’re excited to be bringing everyone another release as we close out 2016. While this one was focused mostly on under the hood changes, I wanted to kick off a short series of posts to let you know what we’ve got in store for you!  Tune in this week to check out the latest and greatest in Crelate for our Winter 2016 release!

New Version Banner


This is a pretty simple feature, but one that we thought might clear up a lot of confusion, especially after a release.  The idea behind this banner is that if you have Crelate open in your browser and we release a new version of Crelate, this banner will show, indicating that a browser refresh is needed to get the latest version of Crelate.  For those of you that regularly close your browser tabs/windows, you might not ever see this banner at all, but it’s here just in case you’re not sure if you’re on the latest version or not.

NOTE: The caveat here is that because this is rolling out with our release, the banner actually won’t go into effect until we have another release, but you’ll be the first to know once it’s out!

Tune in next time as we go over a small change for our Timeline feature.

– Wilson

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