Don’t Let the Fear of a Data Migration Hold you Back

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Data migrations are often viewed by business professionals as a major obstacle that is simply too difficult and too costly to take on. One of the most common reasons people give for not wanting to move Applicant Tracking Solution providers is the fear of the bad data migration. It’s unfortunate, but recruiters are willing to suffer and pay for products that they know aren’t helping them do their job, are antiquated, but are “good enough” given the perceived risk of a move.  We strive to take the risk and fear of a data migration out of the equation, so you are free to evaluate the merits of a move on what matters. We believe your decision to upgrade your ATS should be based on the functionality, productivity gains, and the long term value it will provide.

How is this possible?  To be frank, data migrations aren’t really that hard, yet we hear time and time again “So and so, completely screwed up my last migration” and “a friend of mine did a migration once and it was a mess.” This doesn’t have to be the case!  The process of moving data from one system to another is as old as computers themselves.  There is a well established pattern for doing so, known as ETL.  Extract (getting the data out of your old system), transform (converting / mapping it to the new system) and load (getting it into the new system).  While the process may seem a challenge, we have the benefit of doing them all the time.  Our approach can be broken down like this: ATS Data Migration Done Right Discovery: Consultative and personalized
We take time to meet with you, understand how you use your data, and what data you need and what you don’t.

Development: Expert and experienced
Our migration experts have 1000’s of collective migrations under their belts.  Prior to joining our team, they were doing million-dollar data migrations for Fortune 100 companies.  We have migrated data from modern ATS/CRM platforms as well as many now-defunct systems, built on ancient technology.  Do you have a database built on Access 97, SQL 2000, or some ATS built in the 90’s nobody has ever heard of? It shouldn’t be a problem.

Test: Measured and trusted
All migrations are done at a reasonable pace, and we work to make you conformable every step of the way.  Data is always migrated into a Test environment and we help you spot check and verify things before we take your data live.

Verification and Go Live: Predictable
The entire migration process takes one to three weeks and we work with your timeline and with your business/business practices.  With late night / weekend cut-overs, our standard is to have no downtime for your team.

Low cost or free with commitment
Because we do migrations all the time and have deep technical expertise in doing them, we aren’t afraid to offer high quality data migrations for little or no cost.  You can see pricing for migrations right on our pricing page.

Our migration process is simple and we handle all the heavy lifting. Through our experience as consultants and technologists, we are able to make high quality data migrations something you can afford and rely on. We have migrated data from over 40 different CRM/ATS platforms, including Fleetware, MaxHire, SendOuts, Bullhorn, BigBiller, Zoho Recruiter and many others (see a more complete list below).  Additionally, we have helped customers migrate from many homegrown databases and even data from providers that are now out of business.  We are confident we can do the same for you.

Please don’t be afraid to make the move to a new talent platform, because of a data migration – evaluate the move on what matters for your business, what benefits you will get from it, and the long term value a modern talent management and applicant tracking solution can provide.


The Success

The Crelate team has several thousand data migrations under our collective belts and we have pre-built migration approaches ready for over 40 competing recruiting and CRM products. Whether you need to import a pile of resumes or a bunch of Excel spreadsheets or you have 20 years of recruiting data stored in a custom database – no migration job is too complex for us to handle.




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ZoHo Recruit


Many more…

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