How to Build an Effective Recruiting Metrics Program

An open book providing guidance for an effective recruiting metrics program against a blue backdrop.

How to Build an Effective Recruiting Metrics Program

A book about building an effective program for recruiting metrics.

Metrics are essential to understanding the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts. Every recruiter wants to know how they can maximize success and make more placements. Download this ebook and learn how to find actionable insights with an effective recruiting metrics program.

Crelate has subscription plans with built-in reporting tools.

This eBook will give you statistics from industry leaders in recruiting and staffing. When you’re ready to get better recruiting metrics, contact us! We can show you endless opportunities with Crelate Reporting tools.

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Learn about the 5 most important recruiting metrics.

In this guide you’ll learn what recruiting and staffing firms are measuring and insider information about industry averages:

Building an effective recruiting metrics program.
A collection of applicant tracking badges with varying logos.

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