Recruiting Metrics ROI: Leveraging Metrics for More Than Budgeting


I don’t need to tell you, measuring ROI is the original purpose for collecting metrics. Making sure you’re investing time and money in the right places in your company is key to success and scaling. But metrics can go further than that. 

The same metrics that help to forecast your budgets for years to come can be used as a tool for sales, branding, and even hiring. It’s all in how you apply them.

Using Metrics as a Sales Tool

The case for metrics in your sales arsenal isn’t a huge stretch. After all, when you bring metrics into a sales call, you’re proving to the client that they will see a return on their investment with your company. Selecting metrics that show clients how your team efficiently provides the right candidates for each position puts a lot of weight behind any sales claims you make.

Although not every client wants to hear stats and numbers, many business owners only speak ROI. For those meetings, metrics are indispensable. Being able to show hard data illustrating a history of success can make or break a potential sale.

Building Your Brand With Metrics

While it may be hard to use raw numbers to brand your company, metrics can still inform a lot of your branding efforts. By examining the areas where you successfully place candidates more often, or the industries in which your team has more experience, you can carve out a more precise niche in the market.

The first step to building a brand that will convince clients to work with you is knowing what you’re good at. Many businesses start with a clear purpose in mind, only to find later that they are actually much better at something else. Good metrics can help you further define your strengths and precisely target your branding.

Metrics for Hiring

Why would reporting metrics be attractive to prospective employees? Simple, in recruiting, people want to work for teams that win. Using your hard-earned metrics to illustrate your success goes a long way with job searchers.

Showing that you not only have had success recently but also a history of success and growth attracts the best talent to your team, enabling you to continue winning and growing.

Ready to get started? Whether you have a mature reporting program in place, or you’re interested in overhauling your metrics reporting process, we’re here to help. Our free eBook, “Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Data: Building an Effective Recruiting Metrics Program,” has the tools you need to collect and leverage data to your advantage. Get your copy today and start harnessing the power of data to drive growth.

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