Talent Software Features Your Applicant Tracking Systems Must Have


Success in the recruiting industry requires delivering results in a timely manner. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are designed to enable recruiters to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. But as the industry has evolved and the demands on recruiters have changed, not all ATS’s have updated and implemented features that empower recruiters to achieve success.

What features should you be looking out for in an ATS software? Below is a list of essential features your ATS software needs to support and accelerate recruitment.


Flipping through all of these systems greatly reduces your overall efficiency. As we all know in recruiting, the slower you’re working, the fewer searches you’re completing.

It’s time to get out of the spreadsheets and have a centralized system that allows you to do it all in one place, giving you the confidence that nothing will get lost.

Centralization of all these different components into one user-friendly platform will make your life a lot easier. Your ATS software should have complete, customizable candidate profiles that compound all the information you need into a unique layout that is smooth and seamless. The profile should include things like a resume, notes, communication history, tags and other support documents. Find everything you need as it relates to your search in one simple place.

Go Mobile and Modern with Text Messaging

If your ATS doesn’t function efficiently on mobile, you will miss out on top talent. As a recruiter, you’re busy and always on the move. Is your ATS helping you achieve success when you’re on-the-go? Your software should be responsive on mobile devices and allow for all your features to operate smoothly and properly when you’re not in the office.

Additionally, you want your ATS software to play nice with others. Whether you’re in the office or out, having the capability to communicate with candidates via text message is a huge factor in supplying an outstanding and optimized candidate experience.

Recruiting today is as multi-faceted as ever. You want to be able to communicate with candidates via text and have those messages pulled into their profiles just like an email would.

Prompt and Effective Support

ATS support should be prompt, effective, and always available. In an ideal world you’ll become a master of your ATS and never encounter a situation where you need support, but of course, situations will arise where you need a bit of help.

Your ATS software needs to be fast, it should wait on you, not the other way around. Consider average server response times and look for systems that maintain 99.9%+ uptime and have response times that average less than ½ a second.

Your ATS should supply you with a helpline to call, but also the ability to request assistance straight from the application. As with any customer support, you should leave every interaction satisfied with the experience.

If you’re switching to a more support-friendly ATS, make sure that your new provider will deliver plenty of implementation support as you get up to speed with your new system.

Smart and Intuitive Reporting  & Analytics

Data drives the recruiting industry. To ensure you’re working as efficiently as possible, you need data to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your recruiting process. If your ATS isn’t helping you discover insights through data, you’re going to have to shoulder that work yourself.

Make sure your ATS is giving you access to the data that can help you improve evaluations and placements of candidates. The ability to pull reports on successful placements will help you replicate that success going forward.

Check out our essential list of recruiting analytics you should be measuring.

Smarter Applicant Tracking from Crelate

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