Crelate’s What’s New in April 2018

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We’re back with our April 2018 release with a couple of new features and a plethora of fine-tuning to help super charge Crelate for your business needs! This time around we’re bringing you Google Jobs integration, a Portal sitemap, custom regional settings, and the ability to set custom HTML into the <head> tag and footer of your portal pages.

We are always thankful for the phenomenal suggestions that come from our user community and sincerely hope you enjoy this release. Crelate wouldn’t be where it is without you.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

– The Crelate Team


NEW – Google Jobs metadata

Google Jobs has caused quite the stir in the recruiting world, and we’re giving Crelate users the tools needed to be included in Google’s Job searches. This is automatically turned on, so you don’t need to do a thing to start having your jobs appear on Google.

You can opt out of it by heading to Settings > Portal > Search Engine Optimization. This will include all of the jobs that are posted to and are visibile on your Portal. Google Jobs relies on a Google Sitemap – more on that below.

(If you would like to opt individual jobs out of appearing on Google Jobs, set their Portal Visibility to Hidden).

NEW – Portal Sitemap
This feature goes hand in hand with the new Google Jobs support and allows you to add Jobs that you have published to your Portal to be included in general search engine searches. This can help boost visibility and cast a wider net to reach more candidates than ever.

Like Google Jobs, this is automatically turned on for you. To opt out, head over to Settings > Portal > Search Engine Optimizations. This will include all of the jobs that are posted to and are visible on your Portal.

Jobs that are not posted on your portal or are not publicly visible will not be found in search results.
(To prevent jobs from appearing in search engine search results, set their Portal Visibility to Hidden).

NEW – Custom Regional Settings
As our user base is growing, the number of users that operate outside of the United States is growing rapidly. As a first step to offering support for those users, we’re adding a handful of settings that users can customize to make Crelate feel a bit more familiar.
NEW – Expanded Portal Customization
While our Portal is quite customizable currently, we wanted to give users greater control over how their portal pages are rendered and the ability to support custom tracking tokens. Many of the Job Boards that we integrate with offer tracking tokens that can be embedded onto successful application pages to track conversions. With these changes, all users with access to the Portal Settings can add as many tracking tokens as needed!
And a few more goodies…
As always, this release has a wide array of other improvements based mostly on customer feedback and requests.

  • ADDEDPublic API changes – When making requests against our main entities via the Public API, you can now request an Attachments collection. This contains some metadata about the attachments, but more importantly, an id that can be used to download the actual document!
  • ADDEDInternational Phone Number Support on Portal – When applicants are filling out applications on the Portal, we now accept valid international phone numbers.
  • ADDEDInternational Country Support for Portal Published Jobs – When publishing a job to your Portal, you can now select a country that is not the US or Canada. The portal search and facets will also search for countries now too!
  • IMPROVEDGoogle Email Connections – Our email send code is now more resilient and will not fail to send when attaching a document that is over ~5MB in size.
  • IMPROVEDChrome Extension Parsing – Our Chrome Extension will now respect the Company Name and Job Title parsing settings under Settings > Other. This will help reduce clutter from coming into your finely curated Candidate collection. The extension is also smarter and more efficient at finding profile images on the page, saving you time and clicks!
  • IMPROVEDExport Improvements – We’ve improved the error handling and resilience of exports to make sure that exports are much less likely to fail.
  • IMPROVEDList Menus – We’ve improved how we show Lists to be more performant for users that have a LARGE number of lists. Additionally each user can favorite often used lists to make them even easier to find!
  • FIXEDApplication Processing – Our application processor is just a bit smarter and will automatically merge an application with a Contact if it’s confident there is only a single match in your database. Cutting down clicks to keep you productive!
  • FIXEDLogin Issues – Fixed a pesky bug that was preventing some users from logging into the app. The affected users were few, but the bug is now squashed so users can rest easy knowing that login should always work.
  • ENGINEERING UPDATES – We’ve made a number of engineering improvements throughout the app to increase speed and performance.
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