Crelate’s Top 10 Recruiting Articles from May 2017

Curated Recruiting Blogs for May 2017

  Summer is finally here! May offered several interesting, useful, and amazing sourcing/recruiting blog fodder in the HR and Recruiting world. There are a plethora of resources for sourcers and recruiters and more is being produced all the time. Again we have picked out the articles below we think you will enjoy and hope you benefit from the voices singled out as superior this month. Thanks to the authors for sharing their expertise with us. We’ve included the publication, author, Twitter name, title of the article, and a quick snippet of each article. Enjoy!  

LinkedIn Talent Blog – Samantha McLaren 

Mastering This Recruiting Skill Means You’ll Never Lose Your Job to a Robot

Recently, there’s been talk about robots replacing recruiters in the not so distant future. “People not in recruiting think recruiters are just going to go away,” says Brendan Browne, LinkedIn’s VP of Global Talent Acquisition. But, according to him that’s not going to happen.   Why? Because recruiters have one particular tool that can make all the difference. And, it can’t be replaced by a robot. “Our contention is”¦ the one thing that will not change and will make the biggest difference in  the world of recruiting today and in the future is your ability to tell a story.” As we discussed in a post earlier this month, storytelling is a powerful and often neglected tool that more recruiters need to harness. In this week’s episode of Talent on Tap, Brendan sat down with three LinkedIn recruiters to share tips on how you can become a better storyteller.


The HR Capitalist – Kris Dunn  (@shinyhealthy)

A CHRO Reader Sounds Off: Have HR Vendors Lost Their Ever-Loving Minds?  

If you choose to click through and read this, you have experienced a large uptick in the volume and aggressiveness level of pitches from HR vendors. I could say more to introduce this post, but the best path is just to allow a CHRO friend of mine tell you how he feels. “Dan” is a CHRO for a large employer in the US with thousands and thousands of employees.  He’s a good and talented guy is not moved to overreaction.  He sent me and a few other friends this note last Friday to say WTF related to what he’s experiencing related to outreach from HR vendors… I changed the names to protect the source and the vendor, see his note and enjoy: Fellow “Really Cool” HR Friends, Well, you may object to my sneaky inclusion of myself amongst the hipsters, but I digress . . .


Talent Culture – Mark Crowley (@MarkCCrowley)

The Sharp Drop-Off in Worker Happiness and What You Can do About it   

Worker happiness has fallen every year for the last 25 years-in good economic times and bad. Today, over half of American workers effectively hate their jobs. Once the economy picks up, that could mean a mass exodus from your ranks, unless you take action now.   A friend of mine resigned his long-time bank management job this week to take early retirement. I learned about it on Facebook.   As I began reading his announcement, I fully expected it to be an animated recounting of all the new hobbies he planned to pursue and exotic trips he intended to take. But it quickly became clear that this was no ordinary farewell note. He was truly upset about ending his career prematurely and wanted everyone close to him to understand why.   It was painful to discover that my former colleague had grown profoundly disheartened by the way his organization’s leadership had been treating him. With over two decades of service behind him, he called it quits simply because he couldn’t take it anymore.


Scope Group – Mike Thompson (@mjplust)

5 Ways to be Better at Cold Calls 

Although it may seem like an outdated practice, the art of cold calling is still very useful and necessary for many, including recruiters. For an introvert like myself, the idea of cold calling a complete stranger can be unnerving. It was certainly a scary concept to me when I first started out at Scope Group. That being said, some of my best candidate relationships began with a phone call.   I want to demystify cold calls for you, so I’m sharing a few ways that I have overcome my uneasiness. Follow these simple steps to improve your phone game.


Recruiting Social – Christian De Pape (@ChristianDePape)

Time Management for Recruiters: 4 Basic Steps (Plus Tips & Cheat Sheet) 

How many calls, emails, InMails, meetings, notifications, reach-outs, offers, screens, intakes, reports, messages, pop-ups, requests, updates, applicants, candidates, managers, leaders, and colleagues do you have to deal with? Talent acquisition is an onslaught of a thousand seemingly important things competing for your attention. Many of the recruiters I know love it for this very reason. They love the rush of juggling so many moving parts, the multiple ongoing projects, the surprises that pop up, and the tactical maneuvering needed just to keep pace. If they’re not careful, though – if you’re not careful and don’t intentionally manage the deluge, you will drown in the chaos. You will fall behind, forget to do tasks, miss deadlines, groan and roll your head back in frustration, pull your hair out, and ultimately, fail to perform at your job.   How do you avoid drowning? How do you, not just keep your head above the surface, but actually pull yourself up and on top of that moving wave of stuff begging for your attention? How do you get it all done?


Marenated – Red Branch Media – Maren Hogan (@marenhogan)

Dear Jobseeker: Navigating the ATS  

Although the job market is way better than it was just a few years ago, it’s still no picnic trying to find a job that is a match for both your skills and the culture you want in a career. After all, it’s about more than just filling a ROLE for you, you want to find a place where you can grow, plant your flag and build the base for your future endeavors.


That’s a lot of pressure on every resume you send out, every cover letter you write and every interview you go on. We’re compiling some of the best advice for candidates out there on the internet in the hopes it will help you during your job search and beyond. After all, many times we find ourselves on both sides of the interview desk as our careers progress.


Evil HR Lady / – Suzanne Lucas (@RealEvilHRLady)

How to Approach Your Own Life as if You’re Its CEO  

What do I really want? There are so many voices telling you what you should and shouldn’t want to do with your life it can be difficult to sort out what you want, but it’s critical to do that. No CEO achieves success without clear objectives. So what are yours?   How do I get to my goal? Have you mapped out a plan? Some people refrain from doing this because things like promotions and new jobs aren’t entirely up to them–the boss has to decide to give you a job, and your dream company has to decide to hire you. But this doesn’t mean you’re not your own CEO. CEOs set goals and make plans on how to achieve those. Sometimes they hit targets. Sometimes they exceed targets. And, sometimes, of course, they fail to reach the target. But, if you don’t have a plan set forth, you are depending on someone else to give you what you want. That’s rarely a path for success.


Business Insider Richard Feloni & Shana Lebowitz (@RichFeloni) (@ShanaDLebowitz)

The 15 Best Business Books to Read this Summer 

The best kind of summer reading is a book that’s both informative and entertaining – a book that makes you feel smarter without boring you to tears. They’re not always easy to find, but lucky you – we’ve found 15 of them. Below, you’ll see our favorites from psychologists, data scientists, CEOs, and other business experts. Don’t be surprised if you devour more than one in a single vacation week, and return to the office brimming with new ideas. Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant “Option B” is a raw, powerful book centered on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg dealing with the loss of her husband Dave Goldberg, who died unexpectedly in 2015. With the help of Wharton psychologist Adam Grant, Sandberg uses her own experience to explore resiliency in the wake of a tragedy as well as how to best show compassion for others who are suffering.


ERE Media – Joel Cheesman (@joelcheesman)

Survey Says Job Seekers Are Mostly OK Engaging With Chatbots

 Job seekers have had to endure the resume blackhole for decades, and it turns out that lack of response from a perspective employer has led to lowered expectations. So low, in fact, that prospects are mostly OK with talking to a robot when applying to a job, reveals a new survey. “The majority of job seekers are fairly to extremely comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence apps to answer initial questions in the application and interview process,” says Craig Fisher, head of marketing at Allegis Global Solutions, the company that completed the survey. The company surveyed over 200 job candidates about the comfortable they have when interacting with robots online in order to create efficiencies in the interview process.


Talent Culture Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro)

Seven Powerful Ways to Use Tech to Overcome Recruiting Bias  

Sometimes bias creeps into hiring processes without anyone even realizing it. When you favor a white male candidate over a non-white or female candidate, is it really because he or she is the best person for the job-or is there a subconscious bias at work?   HR technology tools are available to help recruiters weed out bias. But, do these recruiting tools really work? The answer is a qualified yes-if the companies that use them are serious about achieving diversity. Trends toward workplace diversity will ultimately improve corporate productivity. According to research by McKinsey & Company, financial performance is significantly better for those businesses that have achieved greater racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. So, recruiting for diversity makes sense-and using the tips I’ve mentioned with recruiting tech to eradicate subconscious bias is an excellent way to help achieve it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Top 10 Recruiting Articles for May 2017!

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