Crelate is One of the Best Software Companies of 2018

G2Crowd Award for Crelate

On Tuesday, G2 Crowd released their Best Software Companies 2018 index. Crelate was ranked #30 out of the Top 50 for software companies with fewer than 50 employees. The ranking was based on real customer reviews, across a wide range of products and industries.

G2 Crowd developed the Best Software Companies 2018 index by measuring several factors in the reviews they received. Rankings are based on these and other factors:

  • Customer satisfaction with end-user focused product attributes based on user reviews.
  • Quality of reviews received by G2 Crowd (reviews that are completed more thoroughly are weighted more heavily).
  • Customer satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes based on user reviews.
  • Overall customer satisfaction based on ratings by G2 Crowd users.

Each factor is weighted based on the company’s success over the past year, and the final ranking is determined using G2 Crowd’s proprietary algorithm.

G2 Crowd is the leading peer-to-peer review platform for B2B services and solutions that leverage over 300,000 verified users to provide consumer reports to help buyers make better decisions.

G2 Crowd compared all software companies that received more than 100 customer reviews between January 8, 2017 and January 7, 2018. Initially, this gave G2 Crowd over 24,000 software companies to sort through and rate. They then segmented this pool of candidates based on employee count, and eventually culled the herd, even more, using the criteria established for the index. In the end, the top 1000 companies were aggregated into the Best Software Companies 2018. The best 100 companies received special recognition. This makes Crelate’s ranking of #30 quite significant.

This means that Crelate provides some of the best software available in any industry-as compared to over 24,000 software products-and that Crelate’s customers (and potential customers) have access to the best software on the market to run their businesses.

At Crelate, this ranking is a great indication that Crelate software empowers our customer’s success, that we’re creating positive connections with our clients. What’s equally exciting, though, is that Crelate is making the recruiting and staffing industry one of the best industries to work in by providing enterprise-level software to recruiting and staffing firms of all sizes.

Crelate’s placement of number 30 in the G2 Crowd Best Software Companies 2018 index is an incredible honor that we at Crelate are very proud of. We are also thankful of our amazing customers who take the time to provide feedback about our product and company. In 2017, Crelate was also featured in G2 Crowd’s ATS Implementability Index and was ranked as the Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses.

This recognition from our customers is especially meaningful to us since Crelate is dedicated to being the very best unified applicant tracking system and customer relationship management software available.

Crelate hopes to continue helping talent-focused businesses expand their operations. Crelate’s software enables recruiting and staffing firms to manage both their talent and sales pipelines in a single, unified workflow so that they can engage more applicants and make more placements.

This ranking from G2 Crowd is another great milestone in Crelate’s development. Over the next year, Crelate intends to continue improving and putting even more powerful tools in the hands of small and mid-market talent placement agencies.

Thank you so much to our amazing customers for taking the time to write great reviews about Crelate’s software that make this recognition possible!

To see why Crelate is one of the best software companies of 2018, schedule a demo, and find out how Crelate can help your business find and recruit great talent.

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