Crelate Omni™ – It’s here: The End-to-End Solution for the Modern Staffing Agency

Crelate Omni

Crelate Adds All-in-One Recruiting and Staffing Functionality in Our Biggest Product Update Ever

Since Crelate’s founding in 2012, we’ve been proud to listen to our customers, and to follow our values of continuous self-improvement, transparency, and flexibility.

And this week, we launched our most significant product update ever: Crelate Omni™.

The prefix “omni” means “all,” and Crelate Omni is our full suite of products: Recruit, Hire, and Deliver, which together comprise an end-to-end solution for the modern staffing agency.

Omni pairs our fast and flexible front-office recruiting platform with an intuitive, middle and back-office offering, all integrated seamlessly to support every critical part of the recruiting and staffing process.

This combined offering enables us to support a wider range of staffing and recruiting customers by prioritizing recruiter productivity and enjoyment, and accelerating hiring, onboarding, and timekeeping.

Crelate Hire Functionality Crelate Omni – Recruit

You know it. You love it. Crelate Recruit has been strengthening client relationships, managing applicant lifecycles, driving recruiting processes, and continually measuring recruiting success for nearly a decade.

Built for recruiters, by recruiters, Crelate Recruit’s award-winning all-in-one Recruiting CRM and Applicant Tracking System is now used by more than 1,500 recruiting agencies and solo-recruiters across the country.

What’s Included in Recruit?

  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that manages the entire applicant lifecycle, automates administrative recruiting tasks, tracks engagement and correspondence, provides a searchable candidate database, and frees you up for what you do best: building stronger relationships with clients and candidates.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that integrates purpose-built tools to track new business pursuits, won reqs, and client relationships, all side by side with every other facet of your recruiting.
  • Candidate Relationship Management software that helps drive your recruiting process, with integrated communication tools, automated high-volume communication, and communication effectiveness measurement.
  • Our ‘Client Portal,’ which allows recruiters and staffing agencies to communicate with clients via automated real-time alerts and record all client interactions and feedback regarding candidates in one centralized, easily accessible location.
  • Our customizable, SEO-optimized and easily embeddable jobs portal, which lets you market open positions right on your website in a style that aligns perfectly with your organization’s look and feel.
  • Candidate sourcing tools like an embeddable job board for your website, advanced Boolean search, Chrome extensions for one-click sourcing from any website, and native job board integrations for leading online job boards line Indeed, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, Monster, and more.
  • The Crelate Mobile app, which makes it fast and easy to communicate with candidates and clients, record important information, and complete other crucial tasks on the road.
  • Integrated email and text messaging functionality that allows you to send emails, schedule meetings, sync your calendar, track conversations, search through threads, and email or text contacts from your dashboard without losing any functionality.
  • Integrated and flexible reporting tools that provide insight into every part of your sales, recruitment, and delivery process.


Crelate Hire Functionality Crelate Omni – Hire

From the time a candidate comes across your desk, right up to their first day on assignment, Crelate Hire streamlines and automates your hiring process, consolidates feedback, and easily manages credentials and compliance.

What’s Included in Hire?

  • Crelate’s Onboarding tools give you the ability to seamlessly manage your onboarding processes. Customizable by job type, organization, industry and more, Onboarding keeps you up to date with your progress at every step of the hiring process. From scheduling first-day coffee chats, to ensuring all requisite paperwork is signed and attached to the contact record. With everything organized, recorded and visible to every key stakeholder.
  • Our Compliance tools manage all the documentation your team needs and confirms your hires have all the credentials they need to get right to work on the first day of their assignment. Verifying forms of identity, making sure credentials are current, and confirming legal certifications, all from your Crelate dashboard.
  • eSignature integration means you’ll never waste time wondering if your contacts have signed crucial paperwork. Create and send eSignature documents all without ever having to leave Crelate. Choose a document or template you need signed, add the appropriate signatories, and track every step of the process in real-time, from “sent” to “signed.” Once your document has been signed, you can easily find it within Crelate using our robust search and filter tools.
  • Managing the back-and-forth of requesting and obtaining background check information can cripple your recruiting team’s efficiency if not done in the right way. Our integration with industry leader Checkr automates and tracks candidate background checks directly within Crelate, saving your team time and energy, and streamlining your staffing workflow. Key background check results are instantly copied to your contact records, and – if more detailed information is required – you can easily click though to Checkr for a comprehensive report.

Crelate Deliver Functionality Crelate Omni – Deliver

Crelate Deliver lets you create and manage assignments relevant to your business, and track time and expense to generate billable and payable items. Timekeeping makes it easy for your workforce to submit time and expenses, and easy for you track their time.

What’s Included in Deliver?

  • Manage your employees’ assignments easily within Crelate from an intuitive dashboard, and never lose contingent talent to a competitor because of disjointed assignment or tracking systems. Automated status alerts help you anticipate and act when your team is coming off assignment and ready for what’s next. From transparency into assignments, to integrating with timekeeping and invoicing, Assignments holds the critical information you need in order to make the right decisions.
  • Our timekeeping feature provides an easy, consistent, and mobile-first process for tracking and managing your critical billable hours. Manage timecard submittals and approvals directly from your Crelate dashboard. Assign timecard templates and manage expenses. Inform employees, clients and internal users of submittal and approval deadlines with automated alerts. Regardless of your firm’s model, Timekeeping lets you track your employees’ time seamlessly and integrates with your entire Crelate toolset to accelerate and streamline your business.
  • Never again create an invoice by hand. We’re not here to replace accounting, but we can help you ditch the spreadsheets for a customizable, integrated tool that actually makes getting paid easier. To help you manage this critical aspect of your business, our Invoicing tool directly integrates with Crelate’s time and expense tracking, allowing you to create batch or individual invoices and track payments from your dashboard. With a built-in aging report and exportable general ledger, the Invoicing tool puts a crystal-clear view of your organization’s cash flow front and center.

Front, Middle, and Back Office, All with Omni

Crelate Omni is designed for all types of agencies: big, small, regardless of industry, contingent, retained, contract, whatever.

If you are in the business of aligning people with opportunity, we are in business for you.

Learn more about Crelate Omni from a Crelate product expert.

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