Crelate Announces June 2016 Release

Bethesda, MD, July 15, 2016: Crelate is pleased to announce our June 2016 release. This release includes several new features and upgrades for recruiters and hiring managers. Crelate updates their applicant tracking software quarterly and is constantly responding to the needs of our customers–thinking of innovative ways that Crelate can improve recruiting. Many of the features and upgrades Crelate builds result from listening closely to the user community. Additionally, they try to anticipate the kinds of cutting edge features that will optimize the day-to-day lives of professional recruiters. This time around upgrades were made to the home page/job dashboard along with a refurbished tasks and events calendar, as well as a new notifications/reminders feature.

“Our customers need an ATS that is always looking for ways to make their lives easier and provide solutions that will free up their time to connect with potential clients and not be bogged down with a cumbersome ATS” said Aaron Elder, CEO of Crelate. “We’re thrilled to be able to build features that improve the productivity of professional recruiters.”

Features include:

  • New Home Page/Job Dashboard allowing for an easy way to run “Monday morning meetings”
  • New Notifications and Reminders feature added to the Crelate platform
  • Improvements to the My Tasks area and the Calender view

Notifications: Crelate has added a completely new notification and reminder system to the platform. This updated platform provides near real-time alerts of upcoming reminders and notifications of activities. This allows users to configure their own personal reminder time and snooze/dismiss reminders as they appear. Also, this feature helps recruiters stay up-to-date by receiving automatic notifications when someone on your team assigns or creates a task or appointment for you.

Home Page / Job Dashboard: Many of our customers expressed the need to have a way to quickly assess how their searches and placement efforts were going at any given moment. We have often refereed to this as a great tool for “running your Monday morning meeting”. Crelate’s new and improved home page makes this possible by providing an “All Candidates” view–allowing users to see where you and your team are across all job and all companies on one screen! This view is fully customizable and allows for easy grouping, sorting, and filtering of candidates on jobs. You can also make changes in bulk even across all jobs.

My Tasks / Calendar View: As a way to help recruiters and hiring managers stay on task and be efficient Crelate has made improvements to the “My Tasks” area. For starters, a new calendar view is available; this allows users to see what’s going on with their tasks or their team’s tasks by day, week, or month. Also, we added a quick filter bar (similar to the Job Dashboard) so users can see how many of each activity type one has and quickly filter by type with a single click.

Learn more about Crelate at and to request a demo contact [email protected].

About Crelate

Crelate Talent Founded in 2013, with locations in Bothell, WA and Bethesda, MD, Crelate Talent is a modern, fast, full-featured applicant tracking system built specifically for retained search agencies, executive search firms, and professional corporate recruiters. Crelate is a cloud-based system that offers a simplified way for recruiters to connect with top talent. Crelate believes in order to find great talent developing deep relationships is key and, therefore, solutions are implemented that aid in helping recruiters keep in touch with talent, quickly access their records, and reach out to them when the time is right. Crelate also values customer service by providing high quality on-boarding, training, and ongoing support. Crelate is committed to solving talent relationship management challenges through a combination of user experience design, creativity, and technical expertise.

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