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Over the past several years, the developers at Crelate have been busy making improvements, additions, and upgrades to our platform. From real customer requests to general product enhancements, Crelate is proud of the platform we’re building with and for our customers. Take a look at what we’ve been up to over the past several years.



API 3.0

The new API has been built from the ground up to take advantage of a new technology stack, improving usability, performance.

Search Filter for “On Employment Search

New filter in the Search area that is available when searching through companies for “On Employment Search”.

Internal/Project Timekeeping

Allows users to log and submit time directly towards opportunities/projects. This removes the current requirement of having a Placement record on the Opportunity in order to log time.

Relationships and Splits

Relationships allow users to relate their Opportunity and Placement records to other core records in Crelate, including Users.

First version of Splits tracking in Crelate. The Splits feature is built on top of the Relationships feature and allows users to specify a percentage of the Placement value that should be given to each Related Record.

Chrome Extension Updates

The Chrome Extension icon now displays a visual indicator when viewing the profile of a contact whose record status or company record status is marked as “Do Not Use.”

Bulk Edit Updates

Bulk editing feature to now allow you to edit custom fields on all core records.

Resume Toolbox PDF functionality

Resume toolbox now works on PDF resumes! The redact feature even makes use of the built PDF redact feature instead of replacing the text.

Reporting| Filter

Improved and expanded access to a convenient filter that allows users to look ahead at “Next” activities in reporting. Next is now available on more fields and includes new options.

Faster way to add Company charts and tables

New default report templates for Companies including: 

  • Companies Added by User
  • Companies Added over Time
  • Companies Added by User over Time

More fields available (Created On date as a field on Activity reports)

Settings Search Updates

Settings search area now finds settings faster with more contextual search by indexing off of the Title of the section, not just keywords.

Integration with Appcast 

We are excited to announce the launch of our integration with Appcast. They are a leader in recruitment marketing and our integration allows Appcast to pull relevant data from Crelate to help inform workflows within the Appcast platform.


API v3

Simplification of the in and out of the data using an Entity-Oriented design philosophy, creating new ways to sort and filter data and expanding the rages of exposed entities.

Pay Rules Engine

Create specific Bill/Pay rate changes at defined hour and/or day thresholds. These rules can be created to cover many use cases such as daily/weekly overtime rate adjustments, weekend rates, and placement-specific rates.

Contact Profile|@mention

Mention other users by simply typing “@” followed by their name (e.g., “spoke with @John Smith”). Users will receive a notification in the app with a hyperlink to the activity.

Contact Profile update

auto default regarding functionality will now consider only active jobs where the candidate is not in a Done status.

Indeed | Proxy Posting

Ability to post on Indeed on behalf of other companies or customers with whom you have an agreement.

Indeed | Screener Questions

Automatically include Crelate Application Forms to allow candidates to enter data on Indeed site while capturing data in Crelate.

Error Log Updates

We have enhanced our error reporting in order to speed up the time it takes for our internal team to track down error logs for any errors experienced by customers.

Search Updates

Directly act on Companies and Opportunities from the search grid.

Invoice Template Updates

Improved ability to select the specific email address from which your invoicing templates will be sent.

Import Data +

Utilize “Phone Number” as the update identifier when importing companies.

March 2023

Submittals via Client Portal   

Added the option to add candidates to client portals as a method of submitting candidates.

Submittals Single Submittal Templates

Option to add candidates to client portals as a method of submitting candidates.

Submittals Default Submittal Template by Opportunity Type

Added the ability to set a Default Submittal Template per Opportunity Type.

Submittals Submittal Items/Reporting 

One Submittal Item will exist per candidate in a Submittal. Take action and assign credit per item by visiting the Submittal Items grid on the Submittals sub-tab of Opportunities.

Sequencing Enabled Workflow Stages

Link Recruiting Workflow Stages directly to a Sequence and allow users to add contacts while adding or moving contacts in their workflow.

Sequencing | Metrics Step Total Tiles

New Metrics Tiles have been added to help provide visibility into how many times users are: Total Steps Completed, Total Steps Skipped, Total Steps with Wait Bypassed.

Sequencing | Search Option for Sequences

Added a new Sequences filter to the Search page. This search filter will help Users find contacts that are on or have been on a Sequence.

Emails | Email/Email Template Styling Options

Added new functionality to email templates such as new fonts, highlight text, and HEX color selector.

Emails | Email Conversations

New Email Conversations for auto-journaled email users that act as a container around email activities and group them together in the activity stream.

Emails | Regarding Opp on Email Responses

The “Regarding Opportunity” is now visible in email responses and will appear in the activity stream of opportunities.

Emails | Track Email Views

We’ve added the ability to track when an email has been viewed on emails. This will display in the activity stream.

Emails | Email Response Notifications

Users in organizations that have journaling enabled can now elect to get in-app notifications when a contact has replied to an email sent via Crelate.

Emails | Save Draft for Emails

Added the ability to save email activities as drafts.

Emails | Profile Preferences ‘My Emails’ Page

We’ve added a new ‘My Emails’ page to Profile/Preferences to show and manage your Draft and Sent emails.

Reporting |  Schedule Send Reporting Chart Emails

Users with Full Reporting Permissions now have access to the new “Configure Scheduled Emails” option to schedule emails with reporting charts.

Reporting | User Roles Read access to Report Page

Administrators now have a new Reporting Access setting for users with Read Reporting Permissions. Roles with Read and Limited can access only specified report pages.

Reporting | Additional Reporting Data Fields

We’ve added additional fields to report on, enabling you to gain further insight into your candidate pipelines: Opportunity Loss Reason, Candidate Pass Reason, Applied From/Source.

Required Fields

Our new required fields feature will allow admins to ensure specific fields in their organization are entered before creating new records.

Company Record Updates and New Company Website Options:

  • Career Page
  • Leadership / People
  • Twitter
  • Other (alternate)

Job Portal Updates

Salary/Range Required Setting NEW: We’ve added a new setting to Portal settings to toggle whether Salary/Range is a required field when publishing jobs to your portal.

Client Portal Updates

‘On Client Portal’ field on Opportunities NEW: We’ve added a new property on Opportunity records that denotes whether they are on the client portal or not. This property can be added to opportunity grids and is also an available filter in Find.

Submittals Updates

Candidates List Display in Subject field NEW: The ‘List of submitted candidate names’ data slug will now display names in {First Name} {Last Name} format instead of {Last Name}, {First Name}.



.NET Upgrades – A move to the latest version of .NET Core 6 for our Async and other back-end services. Microsoft .NET Core is a major upgrade from Microsoft’s previous .NET Framework and offers vastly improved performance. 

Server Upgrades – An upgrade of several major client and server-side coding libraries. This should improve performance, stability and security across the board for this component. 

Faster & More Flexible – Improvements to our internal Module System, which will allow for faster and safer feature development, as well as more Early Adopter / BETA launches. 

We’ve also added improved logging and support tools to help our Customer Success team better serve customers. 


Contact Data Enrichment | Bulk Enrichment We welcome bulk enrichment to the Crelate arsenal allowing for rapid sourcing of up to 50 contacts at once. 

Contact Data Enrichment | Expanded Dataset Results Previously, the matches that the CDE feature can match against was only on the primary email, phone number and/or social media profile link. Allowing multiple will return more accurate results and more personal contact information for enrichment data on a contact record. 

Connector | Mobile Form Requests We’re excited to announce we’ve added the ability to send and view form requests on mobile. This added functionality will unlock on-the-go efficiencies for users wanting to send and view form requests on the go. 

API Updates We have expanded workflow status filters, added new GET endpoints for record statuses, and enabled customers to upload a profile picture via our API. 

Timekeeping | Multiple Time Entry Formats We’re excited to announce that Deliver users can now utilize both time entry formats in timekeeping. 

Timekeeping | Daily Notes Timekeeping admins can now set up Time Types to allow recorders to submit notes for specific dates in the pay period. Each Time Type now has options to configure whether daily notes and/or the existing general time card note are required, optional, or disabled. 

Export Translator Looking for an easier way to get your data into QuickBooks? Look no further! We have added the ability to export your billable items in a preformatted csv document designed to work seamlessly with QuickBooks import. 


Sequencing (Early Adopter Program) Sequencing gives users the ability to define sequences to connect with contacts and helps guide Crelate users through steps to maximize outreach engagement. 

Mobile Geofencing (BETA) With our July release, we are launching a Beta of Geofencing available for mobile timekeeping. 

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – Authenticator App After our July release, all users will now see a 3rd option to activate via an Authenticator app 

E-Verify Stop the busywork of checking for status reports, with E-Verify updates that directly update contact records in Crelate 

Email Journaling – New Email Privileges Improvements Crelate Administrators can now control who can see Emails, just like any other Activity in Crelate. Use custom User Roles to grant or remove the privilege to create, read and delete email activities. 

Email Journaling – Exclusion Lists A new setting has been added to Email Journaling called Email Exclusion List. This gives Crelate Administrators the ability to exclude all emails associated with a specific email address, blocking them from getting journaled. 

Email Journaling – Emails from Automated Workflow We heard feedback from our customers that they want emails sent through Automated Workflows to be journaled, too! 



eSignature Customers will now have the ability, without leaving Crelate, to generate, send and track the progress of documents requiring eSignatures. 

Form Requests Customers will have the ability to send form requests to contacts via email that they may complete, instantly returning these results to your database. Request the latest information from candidates such as contact information, resumes, and job history to ensure your database has the latest information on each contact you are targeting. 

Record Statuses In our latest release, customers can add status colors and communication warnings to avoid contacting record with a specific status. Records will now input with an existing status that can be customized completely to indicate statuses such as Active, Inactive, or Do Not Contact. 

Job Strategy Tab Within each job or lead, we added the ability for customers to enter their search strategy, target companies and easily see the public description for a job. 

Naming Rules Customers will have the ability to set aliases for company names to ensure a high standard of data integrity when importing contact records. Now, you will have the ability to ensure all aliases are imported under a single name when importing via the Chrome Extension, Resume Parse or Excel import. 

Data Import Improvements Customers will now have the ability to import and map notes when importing a spreadsheet. 

Job Portal Enhancements We have refreshed the look and feel of the job portal and provided an enhanced mobile experience, faster performance and making the Job Portal in line with industry best practices. 

Job Portal Embeddable Widget The Embeddable Widget allows customers to easily embed their Crelate jobs on their website without the requirement of web developer knowledge. 


Candidate Onboarding Quickly and easily set up onboarding checklists for employees without ever having to leave Crelate with our new candidate onboarding experience. 

Compliance Management/Artifacts We have upgraded documents to include expiration dates, verifications and secured storage! With artifacts you can create forms with or without associating them to attachments to include details such as expiration dates to help place candidates faster. 

Interview Loops Crelate offers a solution to help streamline the good and clean up the not so good practices by introducing the Interview Question Bank. Include a picklist of questions to choose from when setting up and interview scorecard. 

Scorecards Scorecards, as you may have already guessed, give recruiters the ability to use a set of questions from the Interview Question Bank to assign to interviewers who will use them for the interview itself. 

Assignments New recruiting types are unlocked with the addition of the Deliver module. Users will now have a Direct Hire (fee-based) and Temp Hire (hourly-based) recruiting type built into the system to leverage for Timekeeping and Invoicing. 

Timekeeping With Timekeeping, you can track time and expenses! This feature is designed to flex with the nuances of your business depending on how simple or robust your tracking needs are. 

Invoicing Create billable items and send invoices with ease! Users can customize billing profiles, terms, and Invoicing templates to meet their business & clients. 

Payroll Export Easily export payable items in a CSV file to upload to your payroll company. Payable items flow directly from the assignment pay rates and are created once timecards have been finalized each week. 


Vendor Management Systems (VMS) Integration With the Vendor Management System Professional feature, you can sync VMS requisition details directly into your Crelate account. 

Contact Data Enrichment Contact Data Enrichment is a feature designed to help you find those missing or out-of-date details which are important when engaging with your candidates and clients. 

Import Data + This improvement will provide a way to not only import using a .CSV file type, but it will also let you update your company and contact records from an import file. This a big lift to bringing you improved data quality tools. 

API Updates Now users will have the ability to both create and retrieve emails for contacts. Additionally, we’ve made available the ability to retrieve contacts by date range to help customers using 3rd party integrations to more easily show updates and additions within those tools. And last, and our personal favorite, the ability to retrieve activities for contacts, companies and job opportunities! 

Form Requests – Onboarding Checklists Crelate is excited to launch this new functionality, which allows you to Send Form Requests and request documents from candidates as part of the onboarding checklist process! 


Billing Portal Upgrade Customers will find a simple and streamlined experience to easily update payment information, review previous invoices and more, much like they can today! 

Self-Purchase Add-Ons In addition to the discounts that come with annual subscriptions, our Omni customers can now purchase add-ons in app! 

Import Data Privilege Settings Recruit Business or higher tiers will have the option to grant user privileges to update Company and Contact records through the new and improved Import Data Plus tool. 

Import File Updates Our improved Import Data tool now supports .CSV for insert and update files. There is a new maximum 10-sheet limit for XLS, XLSX file types. 

Changes to Field Mapping The field mapping screen has a new right-hand column introduced with this enhancement. This column is where a user will determine if the file is intended to be an Insert Only or an Insert AND Update depending on access level. 

New Import Preview Introduced with this iteration, there is now a mandatory Import Preview step. This preview will show users an example set of rows to see if the field mapping results are as expected, then it will flag any invalid rows found with display details in the Invalid tab. 



Client Portals Client Portals make it easier to collaborate with clients, share candidates and gather feedback in a secure, configurable and trackable manner. Customize your Client Portal to match your brand and recruitment process. You are in control of what gets shared, with whom and when.

Text Messaging Updates Crelate’s Text Messaging capabilities are getting a number of reliability improvements, a new high limit plan, UX improvements and a new Bulk Texting capability. 

External Resume Search Save time by searching for candidates across three of the largest resume databases in the world. In addition to our existing Resume-Library integration (available to all customers), we’ve added Dice and CareerBuilder resume search for our Business level customers and higher. 

Placement Data Export Business level and higher customers may download a comprehensive export (500+ fields!) of their organization’s placement data to a CSV file. From here users can use Excel to enable a variety of business scenarios. 


Bulk Activity Creation We’ve expanded the use of bulk activities to both Contacts and Search result grids! 

Activity Follow Ups You can currently create a follow up activity from the Contact’s detail page but now you may create that follow up from within another activity. How awesome is that?! Fewer clicks to done. 

Indeed Enhancements We’ve added the ability to set a job as remote or COVID-19 related as well as share Indeed Disposition Data to more receive more qualified candidates from Indeed. 

Enhanced Submittals This new capability gives you much more control over who has access to your submissions and even allows you to see who views your submissions. This can help you reduce backdoor hires. 


New Support Chat Without leaving Crelate, you’ll be able to communicate with our support team as well as have access to our revamped knowledge based article center. 

API Updates
PublicAPI: for jobs, add additional contact properties for ExecutiveSponsor, HiringManager & InternalRecruiter on Jobs
Public API: Expose recently updated contacts for a job-specific
Public API: expose custom field metadata
Public API: Add custom picklist custom fields to public API 


Premium Resume Parsing The new Crelate Premium Resume Parser, expands upon our existing parser by adding additional capabilities such as improved accuracy, better handling on non-US resumes, complete education and employment history parsing and better taxonomy cleanup. 

Resume Toolbox The Crelate Resume Toolbox is a collection of handy shortcuts that administrators can pre-configure to automate many manual and repetitive steps of cleaning up a resume before you present it externally. 

Job Publishing Updates We have improved the way jobs are published. We have taken your feedback and have improved the user experience of job publishing to make the process more clear and streamlined. 

Company Name Normalization We have given you more ways to keep your company name data clean. If you have the “company name cleanup” setting enabled, then the lookup control will now apply the cleanup when it is auto-creating a company. 


UI Tab Refresh We have added tabs and sub tabs to increase discoverability within the module that you are working in. 

UI Update – Timeline Enhancement The timeline was moved to the summary tab on the contact record so that recruiters could view the timeline along with all other relevant recruiter information in the same place. 

Document Management Trays Items that we think should be always available in 1 click, now live as Trays. You will find the tray tiles in the top right of the app. 

Record Header Flags The headers of all core records (Contacts, Opportunities, and Companies) have been updated with a new font and some new data elements. Some data element updates include record type moving to the header, social buttons moving to the top menu bar among others! 

Record Statuses We have added the ability to create and add statuses to Contacts and improved the ability to have additional statuses for Companies. Admins can create statuses with underlying meanings and be able to search on them creating an easier way to segment data within Crelate. 

Status Bubbles We have added a status bubble next to the profile picture to show users at quick glance if the record status is active (green) inactive (grey) or Do Not Use (red). 

Improved Record Form We have made some updates to our mini form that is present on all core records. It is easier to read, better for lower resolution screens, more provides consistency in viewing the data. 

Related Companies Related companies have been put in place to show a relationship between parent and children records. This will allow you the flexibility to highlight department, branch, or child company relationships. 

Placement Grid We have added a Placements grid view to surface your placement data in one place.   

Document Filter and Views We have added a new filter control to the documents pane to allow users to quickly filter through and find the documents that they need. 

Bulk Edit Expansion We have added additional fields to be able to edit in bulk for Contacts and Opportunities and added functionality to support bulk edit for Companies.    

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