[Podcast] Tech Upgrade: The Proactive Approach to Preparing Your Staffing & Recruiting Firm for the Future

Tech Upgrade: The practical approach to preparing your startup for the Future.

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In this episode of The Full Desk Experience, host Kortney Harmon discusses the critical importance of replatforming your staffing and recruiting business as we head into 2024. Despite the uncertain economic landscape, Kortney highlights the golden opportunity presented by the potential slowdown and emphasizes the need for proactive measures. The episode delves into the benefits of replatforming your tech stack, providing insights on strategy, efficient processes, and a smarter, more proactive approach. Expert advice is shared to guide businesses in thriving amidst the challenges and uncertainties of the current market. Join us as we explore how to navigate these unprecedented times and position your business for success.


Kortney Harmon [00:00:00]:
Remember, your tech should be solving a problem, filling a gap, or improving your.

Kortney Harmon [00:00:05]:
Engagements with your candidates and clients.

Kortney Harmon [00:00:07]:
This is a major operation, so be smarter, not shinier. Hi, I'm Courtney Harmon, director of industry relations at Crillate. Welcome to FDE Express, a short, sweet format of the full desk experience acrylate original podcast.

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You we'll be diving into specific topics to show you how you grow your firm within ten minutes or less. Each episode will cover quick hit topics to give you inspiration and food for.

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Thought for your talent.

Kortney Harmon [00:00:38]:
Businesses welcome back to the FDE Express.

Kortney Harmon [00:00:46]:
Where we dive deep into the world of staffing and recruiting in many episodes. I'm your host, Courtney Harmon, and today we're tackling the topic that might seem a little counterintuitive in these uncertain times, but we're going to talk about replatforming your entire staffing and recruiting business as we head into 2024. Whispers of recession have been looming. Those economic clouds have been gathering, and hiring has definitely slowed down across many sectors. It's something we've been hearing for a while now. But the question is, have we hit the bottom or is there more to come? Now, it's easy to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. But listen, this potential slowdown presents a golden opportunity. And you never know.

Kortney Harmon [00:01:31]:
There may not be much time left in this slowdown. Some random Tuesday in 2024, the floodgates just might open. Think of it like this. You know I'm a baseball fan. Are your bases loaded? But your stands are empty? Don't think about pinch hitting in this talent law. Think about sharpening your tools, upgrading your dugout or your tech stack. So when hiring fastballs start coming at you, you're ready to swing for the fences, whether any storm, rain or shine. With systems built for the long game, spring training is now.

Kortney Harmon [00:02:07]:
This is why replatforming your tech stack comes in now. Think about ditching those clunky excels for it spreadsheets. Those siloed systems embrace the modern, unified platform and solution. Now hold on. You might be thinking, replatform now. Won't that take time and resources that I don't have? It's true, this is an investment. But here's the thing. If you wait until hiring surges hit, you're going to be drowning in chaos.

Kortney Harmon [00:02:36]:
With no time to learn new systems. Data going in is not going to be efficient and effective. So trust me, your future self will thank you for doing the hard work. Now, we as an industry strive to escape reactive and embrace the proactive and this is your chance to do just that. Yes, replatforming takes effort, but the rewards are immense. Not just improved efficiencies and profits, but also think about the morale boost and the potential challenging times. Show your team that you're investing in their future, in their success. That goes a long way, especially in the uncertain landscape.

Kortney Harmon [00:03:21]:
Now, before you dive headfirst into replatforming, let's talk a smidge about strategy. I have many more talks on this, but yeah, now's the perfect time to do a process and tech stack mapping for your organization. This really will be a fantastic baseline. If you haven't done it before, think of it as the blueprint for your future success.

Kortney Harmon [00:03:42]:
And hey, remember your future, you will.

Kortney Harmon [00:03:45]:
Thank you for your effort. Remember last year we talked about tech bloat? Guess what? AI has only amplified this issue. So don't get dazzled by the flashy new tools, all the AI things and apps coming at you left and right. Remember, your tech should be solving a problem, filling a gap, or improving your.

Kortney Harmon [00:04:06]:
Engagements with your candidates and clients.

Kortney Harmon [00:04:08]:
This is a major operation, so be smarter, not shinier. So avoid the tech bloat. Keep your system streamlined and eliminate the shiny noise. Make sure you set up an annual or biannual reoccurring task to review your tech stack. Think of it like a tech checkup. This proactive approach will help you identify outdated tools. It happens in our business. We get lost in the everyday of our business and forget we even have a tool that maybe a new tool actually overlaps.

Kortney Harmon [00:04:40]:
You can help discover new solutions that might just be a better fit. And more importantly, you can keep your business agile and efficient. So the next six to twelve months are your window to transform your business. Don't miss it. Replatform now map your process, schedule your tech checkups, and remember a smarter, more proactive approach to your tech stack. Let your business ride into the wave of success and not get swept away. That's it for today's episode, folks. Be sure to subscribe for more staffing and recruiting insights, and leave a comment below.

Kortney Harmon [00:05:14]:
If you're considering replatforming or mapping your tech stack, remember, now's the time we have some amazing additional tools to help you in that process. If you're looking, we can link this in the show notes the RFI that we have to help you in this journey. Thanks for joining this episode of the full Desk Experience Express. Have a wonderful day.

Kortney Harmon [00:05:36]:
That's all for today's episode of FDE Express. I'm Courtney Harmon with Curlate. If you have any questions or topics you'd like for us to cover in future episodes, please feel free to submit them to [email protected] or ask us live next session. And don't forget to subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen, and sign up for our monthly events to keep learning and growing your business. Thanks for tuning in to FTE Express, a short and sweet format of the full desk experience. We'll see you next time.
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