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Managing mass placements can mean managing a mass of documents, credentials and timesheets. Save time and improve efficiency by combining all the tools you need to successfully and easily manage your process.





Automate your hiring process.

From the time a candidate comes across your desk, right up to their first day on assignment, Crelate tracks your notes and scorecards, client feedback, and all required credentials and certifications.
Set up interview loops, make notes and score candidates, all within a single, shareable tool.
Notes and scorecards are automatically added to contact records, so you’ll always have the latest information on a candidate.
Crelate Deliver Placements

Make hiring automatic.

Avoid oversights in credentialing that can hold up your placements.
Ensure your candidates are providing documentation and completing pre-hire paperwork.
Schedule automatic alerts to remind you of what’s due when, and when you need to supply documentation to your client.
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Crelate Hire Background Checks

Seamlessly integrated background checks.

Managing the back-and-forth of disjointed background checks can bring a search to a grinding halt and cripple your recruiting team’s efficiency.
Our integration with industry leader Checkr automates and tracks candidate background checks directly within Crelate, saving your team time and energy, and streamlining your staffing workflow.
Key background check results are instantly copied to your contact records, and — if more detailed information is required — you can easily click though to Checkr for a comprehensive report.

Timekeeping made easy.

Accurate timekeeping is the cornerstone of your staffing business. Don’t leave it to chance or memory that your workforce is going to get it right. Crelate’s new Timekeeping features provide you an easy, integrated, and mobile-first process for tracking, submitting, and managing time.
Handle approvals directly from your Crelate dashboard and – crucially for your staff – right from the Crelate mobile app.
Collect the appropriate documents, automatically email your onboarding or HR team, and get that candidate started.
Crelate Deliver Functionality

Make hiring automatic.

Managed by you, easily accessed by your clients, and powered by the recruiting CRM, the Client Portal keeps consultants and hiring managers in sync.
The Client Portal allows recruiters and staffing agencies to communicate with clients and record all client interactions regarding candidates.
All while saving time so you can be more productive doing what you do best: recruiting the best talent.
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Temp agencies need a better solution than one-size-fits-all.

Our team works with you to find your perfect solution. We’ll migrate your data and set up a workflow and environment that’s custom to your needs.

Outlook Integration

Job board publishing

Candidate workflows

Activity tracking

Resume parsing

Analytics & reporting

Candidate portal

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