[Podcast] | Sharon Hulce, CEO at Employment Resource Group | The Value of Client Relationships and Retained Search

In this podcast episode, Sharon Hulce, CEO, discusses the importance of client relationships and search relationships.

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Show notes

In this episode of Industry Spotlight, we’re honored to have Sharon Hulce, a vanguard in the executive search arena. Sharon is the CEO and Founder of Employment Resource Group, a retained-search firm.

In this conversation with Kortney Harmon, Sharon brings to light the critical aspects of her firm’s approach, emphasizing the importance of establishing value through courage and confidence during fee negotiations.

She’ll also reveal her powerful strategy in relationship building, making personal visits to clients and prioritizing phone communication over emails to create a more meaningful connection.

Sharon discusses how she measures success in her firm, and despite the simplicity, ensures that candidates are not just found, but placed.

Throughout the episode, we’ll also tackle topics such as the complexity of counteroffers, the ethical considerations in recruitment, and navigating the waters of an industry increasingly influenced by AI technology—all while maintaining the irreplaceable human touch.

Sharon isn’t just here to share her story; she offers valuable guidance from lessons learned, demonstrating why courage, determination, and a “buffalo” mentality are essential to thrive.

Join us as Sharon imparts her wisdom on the benefits of retained search, the consultative approach her firm takes, and how to stand out by offering a unique value proposition to clients.

Prepare to be inspired as Sharon Hulce pulls back the curtain on the dynamic and transformative world of retained executive search. Let the conversation begin.


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