What’s New – November 2015 Fall Release

Hey there! It is has been a couple of months since our last release and we are happy to announce our fall 2015 release. For this release we focused on improvements in reporting and searching/filtering. We hope you enjoy this release! – The Crelate Team 

IMPROVED – Major Search Updates

We are very excited to release a major overhaul of our search system. We have combined all of the features of our Boolean “Find” tool and our full-text search feature, and added new ways to use and view search results. The new unified search is faster and better than ever! Key improvements include:

  • NEW – Complete Boolean and Full-Text searching in one query – Perform a search of all notes, resumes and documents as well as any combination of field-level filters at the same time!
  • NEW – Saved Searches – You can now save and share your search queries just like any other List in Crelate. We even keep track of your recent search activity automatically, so you can quickly go back to searches recently worked on.
  • NEW  Visualizations (Grid and Map Views) – For Pro-level subscribers, search results can now be viewed on a customizable and sortable grid or even on a map!
  • NEW – Radius Searches for Companies and Jobs – Search for companies, clients and jobs by geo-location – Ex: Find me all open positions within 25 miles of Seattle.
  • NEW – Search for records by Owner – You can now search for and filter your results by Owner.
  • NEW – Advanced data filters – We have added a new and expanded ability to filter on things like “AND NOT”, “Has data” and “Has no data”. Ex: Find me all candidates that don’t have an email address.
  • IMPROVED – Search based on the Job a candidate is on – We have renamed the “Candidate for Job” to “On Job” and made it available to the new Search experience.
  • IMPROVED – Searching by Record Type – We have expanded your ability to search by record type.
  • IMPROVED – More info in Search results – We have added Current Company to the search results view.
  • IMPROVED – Updated Date Filters – Allows you to quickly search by “Last Quarter”, “Last Month”, “Last Year,” etc.


As part of our Search upgrade, we have also transitioned our reporting technology to a much faster and more robust platform. Our new reports have the same look and feel of our previous versions, but they now show data in near real-time (no more 24-hour delay!).  We’ve also improved the filtering and set us up for a lot of great improvements to come in future releases. IMPORTANT – Most reports are only available Pro-level subscribers and higher. If you are using Starter, the old Settings | User Activity Reports have now moved to the Reporting area. Key improvements include:

  • IMPROVED – Easier to use filters – Filters are now easier to use and understand as they now behave more like standard Crelate filters. We have paid special attention to the date and time range filters.
  • IMPROVED – Export Options – We have added Microsoft Excel as an export format, in addition to CSV and PDF.  Also, you now can export more data than before.
  • NEW – Candidates By User Report – See who is sourcing the most candidates overall and over time.
  • NEW – Job Create / Close Report – See when jobs come in and when they are being closed out.
  • NEW – Activity Stream Report – View, slice and dice the activity stream across your entire organization in one place.

Crelate Ats: Placement Reports Dashboard

Many other improvements, including…

This release has a wide array of other small improvements based mostly on customer feedback and requests.

  • NEW – Assign Owner Privilege: Using Security Roles, you can now prevent standard users from assigning or changing the ownership of records.
  • NEW – Vanity URLs in Candidate Portal: You can now set a custom URL for your publicly facing Jobs. This can make the job URL more descriptive and help improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • NEW – Applicant / Intake Process Improvements: When approving and reviewing Applicants, we now show more detail — such as when the candidate applied and where the candidate came from. In addition, you can now block a candidate from re-applying. Finally you can now simply delete applicants directly from the Intake area.
  • NEW – Icons: We have added 9 cool new icons for you to use on your custom activities. Enjoy!
  • NEW – Email Template Editor Update: You can now set the size of your font when editing templates.
  • NEW – Mail Link Improvements: We have added a new setting under your User Profile that lets you improve the behavior of mail links in the application when using web-based email tools like Gmail.
  • IMPROVED – Job Dashboard Performance: For customers with large job boards (300+ candidates), we have vastly improved the load times of the Job Dashboard. In some cases, the board should now load 10X faster.
  • IMPROVED – Job Dashboard Export: You can now elect to include future activities in the Excel export.
  • IMPROVED – Note / Activity Editor: We have improved the functionality of our Activity Editor such that you can now copy and paste from the Resume while creating a note!
  • IMPROVED – Improved Mail Support for Job Boards: When forwarding resumes from Monster, CareerBuilder and other boards, you can now mail the candidates directly to the Job you want them to be considered for.
  • IMPROVED – Merge Update: You can now combine the description field when merging records.
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