Customer Case Study: ETI

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ETI Professional Search has enabled efficient workflows and streamlined operations by using Crelate.

The Company
ETI Professional Search is a boutique executive and professional search firm based in Houston, Texas, serving small to mid-market high-growth organizations throughout North America. With a focus on the manufacturing and industrial sectors, ETI Professional Search helps private and private equitybacked companies find top talent.

The Challenge
Before partnering with Crelate, ETI Professional Search had been using an ATS system from a different vendor for over a decade. However, as their business evolved and technology advanced, they encountered several challenges. The existing system lacked scalability, reporting and analytics capabilities, and searchability. Time management became a major issue, and the ATS system felt more like a data repository rather than a tool for success. Additionally, the vendor struggled to meet their service demands and lacked a deep understanding of their business and market.

The Solution
ETI Professional Search decided to switch to Crelate for several reasons. Firstly, when their previous implementation with another ATS system failed, Crelate’s team actively listened to their challenges and understood the underlying issues. Crelate demonstrated a deep understanding of ETI’s processes and offered a technology solution that aligned with their needs. Throughout the sales process, Crelate nurtured the partnership, addressing concerns and ensuring a smooth transition. ETI appreciated Crelate’s commitment to long-term collaboration rather than just a vendor-client relationship.

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Efficiencies Achieved

Crelate has helped ETI Professional Search achieve significant efficiencies and improve productivity. By customizing workflows and aligning the system with their processes, they have saved approximately three hours per day.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows the team to collaborate seamlessly, eliminating the need to navigate multiple screens or search for data. The system’s extensive functionality, which they are still exploring, has opened up new possibilities and enabled the team to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

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Professional Services Team & Implementation

Crelate’s implementation process stood out for its unparalleled support. They went above and beyond to ensure the data was accurate and collaborated closely with ETI to review and update existing workflows.

Crelate’s team was patient and proactive, addressing any concerns or issues that arose during the implementation. They offered valuable insights and alternative solutions to align the system with ETI’s unique requirements. Their dedication to providing ongoing support, even after the sale, reinforced the long-term partnership mindset.

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Retained Services & Future Plans

ETI Professional Search is still exploring how to best utilize Crelate’s retained service hours. Recognizing the need to update their legacy processes, they are working closely with Crelate to identify areas where these hours can provide the highest return on investment. Crelate’s team has been instrumental in guiding ETI through this process, ensuring that the allocated resources are optimized to drive business success.

The Results
ETI Professional Search acknowledges that they have only scratched the surface of Crelate’s potential. By saving three hours per day across the organization, the system has already demonstrated its ability to enhance efficiency and productivity. The intuitive interface and comprehensive data have facilitated collaboration, enabling the team to focus on core activities rather than navigating complex systems.

ETI is excited about the future possibilities and expects even greater returns on their investment as they continue to explore the system’s full capabilities.

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