The 12 Best Episodes of The Full Desk Experience in 2023

Best episodes of 2023 the full desk experience.

The 12 Best Episodes of The Full Desk Experience in 2023

December is an ideal time to look back on some of the most popular and impactful episodes of The Full Desk Experience podcast from the past year. In this post, we’re highlighting the 12 most popular episodes of 2023 based on download information from our listeners in the staffing and recruiting industry.

These 12 episodes represent the diversity of topics and discussions covered on The Full Desk Experience over the last year. From practical advice to thought-provoking ideas, these are the conversations that have resonated most with staffing and recruiting operations leaders.

Whether you’re using the holidays to catch up on episodes you may have missed or want to revisit your favorites, this roundup is the perfect opportunity to dive into the 12 most unforgettable episodes of The Full Desk Experience of 2023. We’ve compiled them all in one place to make it easy to get immersed in the top conversations from the past year.

Happy holidays from our team, and we hope you enjoy this look back on the best of The Full Desk Experience! Now, let’s get right into the 12 most popular episodes of 2023…

Industry Spotlight | Jen Meyer – SVP and GM at Govig – Driving process and creating growth through data

The most downloaded episode of 2023 was our Industry Spotlight conversation with Jennifer Meyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Govig & Associates.

With over 25 years of executive search experience, Jen shared invaluable insights on the keys to success in staffing and recruiting through any market. She explained the importance of having well-defined processes and accountability to drive results, and the value of choosing the right tech stack and platforms to support your business.

As the youngest woman franchise owner at MRI and record holder for most cumulative billings, Jen provides aspiring leaders with advice on excelling in the field. She emphasized focusing on the operational and foundational aspects of the business to drive growth and success for her firm.

Our conversation covered adapting to changing market conditions, Jen’s own experiences opening a franchise, and her leadership style. For recruiters getting into executive search, Jen outlined what it takes to thrive in this shifting landscape.

This episode gave listeners tactical takeaways to improve their staffing and recruiting operations and processes. It’s no surprise it was the most popular download of 2023. Listen to the whole episode here:

Industry Spotlight | Tom Erb – President at Tallann Resources – Proactively Planning for Success in Any Market Cycle

The second most popular episode of 2023 featured insights from industry veteran Tom Erb on navigating the uncertain job market. With decades of staffing experience, Tom emphasized the key to success through adversity is the need to stay aggressive rather than getting conservative, in order for your staffing business to thrive.

Tom and Kortney discussed managing finances wisely, while still making strategic investments to position your firm for growth when market conditions will improve – and that the expected market shift wouldn’t last forever. Tom also highlighted the ongoing importance of phone calls and relationship-building in staffing, despite the prevalence of job boards and online recruiting. Human connections are still key for true staffing and recruiting success.

Drawing on his extensive background, Tom shared tips for staffing firms to keep pace with the evolving market, the risks of overreliance on job boards, the power of networks, and focusing on value-driven messaging.

Tom’s seasoned perspective provided our audience with actionable takeaways to steer their businesses through any challenge. His insights on adapting to thrive despite uncertainty made this a hugely popular episode for operations managers this past year. Listen to the episode here:

Workshop | Exploring the Future of Recruiting with ChatGPT: Insights, Challenges and 10 Use Cases

Our host Kortney Harmon explored the growing influence of AI on staffing and recruiting in 2023’s third most popular episode. She took a deep dive into ChatGPT specifically and generative AI’s capabilities for automating tasks, enhancing data-driven decisions, and streamlining key processes.

While acknowledging ChatGPT’s value, Kortney emphasized the continued need for human judgment and emotional intelligence in hiring. She highlighted the importance of continuous learning to leverage AI effectively, as it is rapidly changing and growing.

Kortney also covered ten potential use cases for generative AI in staffing and recruiting. But she stressed that technology should complement rather than replace the human element in hiring. Generative AI is not sufficient in making hiring decisions on its own, and cannot pick up on the subtleties and nuances that come from real, human interaction.

This episode provided recruiting and staffing leaders with an in-depth look at ChatGPT and actionable insights on incorporating AI strategically. Kortney’s balanced perspective struck a chord with listeners, cementing its popularity this year. Catch the whole episode here:

Workshop | Get Off the KPI Hamster Wheel: Why Your Metrics are Keeping Your Recruiting and Staffing Business From Growing

The fourth most popular episode of 2023 dug into the complicated relationship between key performance indicators (KPIs) and leaders in the talent industry.

In this episode, Kortney Harmon explored how to assess if your tech stack workflows are tracking the right metrics versus metrics you assume you need. We discussed “shadow processes” that can obscure the full picture of organizational health, and what secret killers might be harming your organization.

The episode provided tips for using KPIs effectively to obtain qualitative insights, not just easy quantitative data. We emphasized tracking and measuring metrics that truly indicate progress to meet goals, and how to evaluate the metrics to better understand where processes might be failing.

Additional takeaways included the importance of process improvement, change management, and accountability to boost your team’s performance. Rather than resenting KPIs, listeners learned how to optimize them for growth.

With actionable advice on developing and using key performance indicators with intention, this episode resonated as a top download for talent leaders aiming to scale their businesses. For more, click here:

Workshop | The Not-So-Scary World of Staffing: Creative Solutions for Your Talent Business

Our fifth most downloaded episode featured staffing expert Chris Hesson sharing tips on building a thriving staffing practice. He and Kortney discussed crucial aspects like calculating bill rates, the shift toward workforce flexibility, and expansion into niche areas.

Key takeaways included proactively offering flexible arrangements without relying on the term “contract staffing.” Chris also covered the importance of understanding client pain points to provide the right solutions for them.

For staffing success, he emphasized specialization, communication with contractors, and leveraging data to build “recyclability.” Chris and Kortney also talked about adapting to increased staffing demand as the talent market, and economy overall, evolves.

With practical advice for recruiting operation leaders aiming to improve profitability, this episode clearly resonated with listeners. Its insights on shifting dynamics and capitalizing on new opportunities cemented its popularity. Listen to the whole episode here:

Industry Spotlight | Aaron Grossman – CEO at TalentLaunch – Expert Tips for Scaling Your Staffing Business

The next most popular episode featured an exclusive interview with Aaron Grossman, CEO of Talent Launch, sharing his blueprint for building a successful staffing company.

With over 20 years of experience, Aaron provided invaluable insights on leveraging technology, embracing automation, and the importance of company culture. He talked about the concept of a “redwood tree culture” built on strong values and environmental pillars.

Additional topics included overcoming barriers for smaller staffing firms, simplifying roles and responsibilities, and the key KPIs Aaron monitors daily. He also discussed common entrepreneurial pitfalls and the perseverance required, especially in the first year.

For staffing leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, Aaron outlined practical strategies for growth and efficiency even in challenging economies. His emphasis on technology’s complementary role resonated as a key takeaway.

With tangible advice from a respected industry leader, this episode firmly holds its spot among the most popular downloads of the year. Aaron Grossman’s wisdom clearly struck a chord with audiences from many sectors, winning the 2023 MarCom Podcast Gold Award for Industry Specific Single Episode. Catch the entire episode here:

Industry Spotlight | Jim Stroud – HR Influencer & Content Creator – The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT and AI in the Talent Industry

Our 7th most popular episode featured a thought-provoking discussion on AI in recruiting with Jim Stroud. He and Kortney explored AI’s benefits like sourcing strategies and process optimization as well as limitations regarding bias and misinformation.

While highlighting AI’s usefulness for administrative tasks and basic screening, they emphasized the continued need for human interaction, especially for executive roles. Jim provided examples of AI applications while cautioning against over-reliance without oversight.

This timely dialogue raised important questions about the future of AI tools, including considerations around transparency, security, workload impact, and compensation. Jim and Kortney focused on maintaining balance between technology and the irreplaceable human element in hiring.

Offering diverse viewpoints on AI in recruitment, this episode resonated by fostering a nuanced exploration of the advantages as well as ethical and practical challenges of rapidly evolving technologies. The insights on leveraging AI while prioritizing candidate experience cemented its popularity.

Listen here for the full episode:

Industry Spotlight | Lauren Jones – CEO and Founder of Leap Consulting – The Magic of Digital Transformation in Staffing and Recruiting

The 8th most popular episode featured staffing tech expert and industry trailblazer Lauren Jones. She and Kortney discussed the mindful integration of technology and emphasizing process before implementation.

As a tech stack and operations guru, Lauren outlined her approach to digital alignment, helping companies connect aspirations with practical solutions. She shared advice on purpose-built tech stacks and continuous transformation.

Additionally, they talked about Lauren’s advocacy in elevating women in business and her stellar reputation as an industry leader. With decades of experience, she offers unparalleled insights on emerging technologies and their deliberate use.

Lauren emphasized staying ahead in an evolving landscape by embracing innovation thoughtfully. Her stellar expertise and forward-thinking perspective clearly resonated with listeners, making this a top 2023 episode.

Listen to the full episode:

Workshop | Redeployment Strategies to Increase Revenues for Your Talent Business with Sarah Gossin

Our next most popular episode featured Crelate’s Sarah Gossin exploring how staffing firms can implement an effective redeployment strategy. She and Kortney discussed overcoming common hurdles like lack of resources or unreliable processes hindering contractor retention efforts.

They outlined actionable tips for measuring redeployment goals, monitoring success, and leveraging helpful tech tools to systematize the process. Sarah also shared insights from her extensive expertise guiding firms on scaling while optimizing talent reuse.

With the checklist provided, listeners gained practical guidance on overcoming friction points through workflow automation. For staffing businesses struggling with retention despite understanding redeployment’s benefits, this episode provided an invaluable blueprint.

Its strategic advice on systemizing and maximizing redeployment results clearly filled an important niche among recruiters aiming to reduce redundancy in contractor matching.

Catch the full episode here:

Workshop | Tips for Successful Change Management in Your Talent Business

Sitting at #10 for the year, this next most popular episode focused on effective change management, an essential capability for talent firms needing to continually adapt to stay competitive in today’s market.

Our host explored common triggers necessitating business transformations – from market fluctuations to remote work shifts. But change introduces hurdles at individual and organizational levels.

By outlining change management best practices and tech tools to smooth transitions, this episode gave staffing & recruiting operations leaders actionable strategies for supporting teams through times of uncertainty.

Kortney also shared vulnerable insights into her own struggles leading evolutions, reinforcing why buy-in acceleration tactics matter. With 79.7% of firms requiring revamps every 2-5 years, these insights resonated.

Supplemented by an ask-me-anything session for audience questions, this conversation equipped listeners to embrace flux as opportunity through purposeful protocols.

Listen in here:

Workshop | Mapping Your Talent Organization for Future Growth: Career Pathing and Succession Planning with Dan Mori

The next episode, sitting at number 11, featured expert Dan Mori exploring communication and succession planning for recruiting operational excellence. He and Kortney examined assumption hazards that arise when managers provide unclear directives or inadequate support.

By outlining techniques to systematically equip talent, they underscored the value of verified comprehension. Dan also discussed mapping structured career trajectories through ongoing development planning to retain rising stars.

Additionally, he shared tips for purposeful continuity planning, highlighting promotion “test drives” and shadow programs for seamless transitions. With institutional knowledge loss costing firms immensely, this intrigued listeners.

Underscored by Dan’s personal leadership experience, this episode gave recruiting and staffing leaders critical tools to amplify and sustain success through strategic clarity and succession practices. Its practical guidance on supporting talent resonated widely.

Click here to access the full episode:

The Changing Face of Recruiting: Discoveries from the Staffing World Show Floor

Our final highlighted episode featured host Kortney Harmon reporting live from the Staffing World conference exhibition floor. Through interviews with various talent executives, she uncovered pressing challenges faced by today’s recruiting professionals.

Guests including Tirrany Nettles, Carrie Buffington, and Blake Babcock shared their insights around hot button industry issues. From AI impacts to acquiring top talent and implementing efficient systems, they offered real perspectives from the trenches.

By providing a platform to discuss adapter struggles as firms evolve, this episode delivered relatable content to our audience. It encapsulated macro trends manifesting daily for recruiters nationwide through tangible examples.

With on-the-ground dispatches from Staffing World combined with practical wisdom from experienced leaders, this episode offered a valuable snapshot of obstacles the industry currently faces while working to resolve them.

Listen here:

These popular and thought-provoking conversations from 2023 represent The Full Desk Experience at its best – engaging top industry experts in insightful dialogue to empower recruiting professionals. From strategic planning to navigating constant change, their invaluable perspectives help us tackle emerging challenges while advancing the talent space as progressive leaders through innovation.

We hope reflecting on these standout episodes inspires you in meeting whatever lies ahead in the new year with creativity, empathy and a solutions focus. Stay tuned each Thursday for new shows unpacking what matters now in staffing and recruiting.

Make sure to register for email notifications so you never miss an episode! The coming year promises compelling knowledge sharing aligned with this dynamic field’s needs – we can’t wait to have you join us on the journey.

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Accelerate your entire recruiting process, from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

A screen shot displaying various items using applicant tracking technology.

Crelate Recruit

Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process, from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

A screen shot displaying various items using applicant tracking technology.

Crelate Recruit

Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process, from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

A screen shot displaying various items using applicant tracking technology.

Crelate Recruit

Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process, from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

A screen shot displaying various items using applicant tracking technology.

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Crelate Recruit

Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process, from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

A screen shot displaying various items using applicant tracking technology.

Crelate Recruit

Applicant Tracking System

Accelerate your entire recruiting process, from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between.

A screen shot displaying various items using applicant tracking technology.
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