Crelate Development – Adding “Bulk Editing” for 5 Fields

Bulk Editing For Up up to 5 Fields

Crelate is constantly looking for ways to help sourcers, recruiters, and hiring managers manage their time more efficiently and have more space to connect personally with candidates and clients (as opposed to wasting time entering data). Given this goal Crelate is offering the option to “Bulk Edit” five fields that are often used for updating information in databases: Suffix, Preferred Contact Method, Source, Ethnicity, and Gender.

We are ‘dipping our toe in the water’ for bulk editing with our upcoming release and may expand the list of fields that will allow bulk editing in the future. This is a feature request that many of our users have asked for in the past and we are delighted to be able to deliver bulk editing in Crelate. As the screen shots show with only a few clicks recruiters can quickly add information in ‘bulk’ for multiple candidates.

  1. Select the candidates in Crelate
  2. Add up to 5 fields for Bulk Editing
  3. With a couple of clicks the records are edited

As previously mentioned this feature upgrade was suggested by folks in our user community and we are excited to offer it in an upcoming release.

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