What’s New June 2016 Release

We’ve updated Crelate Talent again! Crelate is constantly responding to the needs of our customers and thinking of innovative ways that our system can improve recruiting. So, we are excited to offer a completely re-designed home page/job dashboard, a refurbishing of the tasks and events calendar, notifications, a re-design of the settings area, and several other improvements for the June 2016 release. Many of the features and upgrades Crelate builds result from listening closely to our user community. Additionally, we try to anticipate the kinds of cutting edge features that will optimize the day-to-day lives of professional recruiters and hiring managers. We look forward to continuing on our journey to create an amazing Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). – The Crelate Team

IMPROVED – Home Page – Major updatesWe have introduced a new All Candidates view to the Crelate home page! We designed this to be the “run your morning meeting” view and allows you to see where you and your team are across all jobs and all companies on one screen! The view is fully customizable, just like the job dashboards; group, sort, filter and view your candidates and jobs how you like. You can even make changes in bulk, even across jobs! Highlights include:
  • NEWAll Candidates view – See where all your candidates are, all on one screen, regardless of position they are being considered for.
  • NEWCustom + multi-level grouping – Group the home page by job, status, owner or company.
  • NEWSave Custom Home Page views – Configure and filter a custom view of the home page and save it for future use.
  • NEWQuick filter – Just start typing and quickly filter the candidate tiles down to what you are looking for.
  • NEWFunnel Summary – We added a funnel graph to the Summary Tab on the home page, to let you quickly see the total status of your candidate pipeline at a glance.
  • IMPROVEDFaster than ever – The updated home page and job dashboards are faster than ever, even for jobs with lots of candidates on them.
NEW – Notifications We’ve introduce a completely new Notification and reminder system to the Crelate platform. This updated platform provides near real-time alerts of upcoming reminders and notifications of activities. Configure your own personal reminder time and snooze/dismiss reminders as they appear. We look forward to building and expanding upon this new feature in the future. Highlights include:
  • NEWSnooze / Dismiss Reminders – Configure your own reminder time, such as 15 minutes before and take control of reminders when they come due.
  • NEWStay up-to-date – Get automatic notifications when someone on your team assigns or creates a task or appointment for you.
IMPROVED – My Tasks / Calendar ViewIn addition to reminders and notifications, we have given the My Tasks area a nice refresh. For starters, a new calendar view is available; this lets you see what’s going on with your tasks or your team’s tasks by day, week or month. We have also added a quick filter bar, similar to the Job Dashboard – see how many of each activity type you have and quickly filter down to specific types.
  • NEW – Calendar View – View tasks and activities by day, week or month.
  • NEW – Team View – Quickly toggle between just your tasks and tasks for the entire team.
  • NEW – Quick counts and filters – See how many of each activity type you have and filter by type with a single click.
IMPROVED – Settings Redesign + Per User Email TemplatesTo help make the system even easier to use and configure, we have completely redesigned our settings area. To start, we have combined personal and system-level settings intoa single Settings area; with access to the latter controlled by security roles. This means the Settings area is now the one-stop-shop for configuring Crelate. Throughout settings we have added inline help to make it easier than ever to configure Crelate to meet your needs.  
  • NEW – Per User Email Templates – Users can now make their own personal email and submittal templates!
  • NEW – Basic Settings Area – The most commonly used settings are now better organized and easier to use than ever.
  • IMPROVED – Help and guidance – We have added inline help and guidance throughout the settings to make settings even easier to understand.
IMPROVED – Help and tutorialsIn this release, we also spent a lot of time making it easier for new users to get up to speed quickly. This includes numerous walkthroughs of each major area of the system, as well as a new Help Bar that provides contextual tips, notes and how to articles. In addition, the Help button has also moved to the lower left of the screen.  
  • NEW – Help Bar – The bottom of the screen is now the home of a new Help area. This bar is always available, but can be minimized or hidden for more advanced users.
  • NEW – Tutorials – The first time a user enters an area of Crelate for the first time, they will be presented with a quick visual walk-through to help them get familiar with the functonality.
  • IMPROVED – Inline help in Settings – In addition to a summary of your activity, we now also provide a summary of all activity in your organization.
Many other improvements, including… As always, this release has a wide array of other improvements based mostly on customer feedback and requests.
  • NEW – Add to Other Job: We have added a new “Add to other job” feature on the Job Dashboard, this will let you quickly put a candidate on one job into the running for another job.
  • NEW – Email notifications on job creation: You can now configure the system to send an email alert whenever a job is created.
  • NEW – Mentions: The activity stream has a new Mentions tile which shows you a count of and provides quick filtering by activities where the current record was mentioned or an attendee.
  • NEW – Indeed Tracking Code: This one actually got snuck in a few weeks back, but if you have one, you can now give us your Indeed Tracking code to help better track conversions from your Indeed sponsored jobs.
  • NEW – Data Quality – Flagged email view: There is now a new Data Quality view under the Contacts grid that lets you easily see records that have an email address that has been flagged as bad. This lets you find and manage all the records that have email addresses that might be wrong.
  • NEW – Advanced Find improvement: You can now perform advanced finds based on the status of jobs a candidate is being considered for. Example – Find all candidates on Open jobs. This expands upon the ability to already find by stage and specific job.
  • NEW – Advanced search improvements: We have added new Exact Match and Starts With options to various advanced search fields – this expands upon the existing Contains feature.
  • NEW – Export search results to Excel: Search results can now be exported to CSV or Excel, just like any other grid!
  • IMPROVED – Faster Resume Import Process: The resume import process is now much faster; with processing now happening in the background, which lets you start working with the import before all the resumes are fully processed.
  • IMPROVED – Easy Resume Import Process: The resume import process now lets you edit any field during the candidate import and parsing phase. This makes it easier to clean up data and set things just the way you want while importing resumes.
  • IMPROVED – Auto-complete on Job Title: To help with data consistency, the Job Title field now supports an auto-complete and suggestion menu as you type.
  • IMPROVED – New fields on Companies: Based on customer feedback, we have added a few additional fields to the Company entity – EBITA, Estimated Revenue, Company Source are now available.
  • IMPROVED – More custom fields available: We have increased the number of custom fields available to 10 and added custom fields to Jobs and Companies entities. Before using custom fields, please consider whether or not a custom activity type or tag would be a better, more reportable option.
  • IMPROVED – Email Signatures: Added a font size control + ability to embedded image links.
  • IMPROVED – Job dashboard last activity columns: You can now add a “Last any activity” to the Job dashboard, you can also add multiple of the same “Last activity” type columns so you can mix and match between activities regarding a specific job or any job.
  • IMPROVED – List Management: It is now easier to see what lists an individual contact is on when managing lists from the grid.
  • IMPROVED – Candidate source on reports: We added Candidate Source to the Candidates by Stage report.
  • IMPROVED – Intake Improvement: The Intake area now shows the address of applicants, making it easier to see where the candidate is located when approving them for positions.
  • IMPROVED – Required fields and optional resumes on the Candidate Portal: You can now configure which fields are required on the candidate portal and elect whether or not a resume is required to apply! We also improved the way the portal handles corrupt and bad resumes.
  • IMPROVED – Quick search improvements: The global Quick Search feature now lets you quickly look up records by phone number and email address! We have also greatly improved the query search to let you find people by just part of the first or last name!
  • IMPROVED – 5 minutes please: We added a new “5 minutes” duration option for scheduled activities and appointments.
  • IMPROVED – More email info: When sending emails from the system, we now let you pick a different email (other than the primary) for a contact; we will also show you the email address that is going to be used. Previously we just showed the contacts display name.
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