Customer Case Study: The Chatham Group

The Chatham Group’s Recruitment Revolution with Crelate

Founded in 2004, The Chatham Group leverages their recruiters’ decades of hands-on experience, at companies of all sizes, to provide a personal and transparent executive recruiting service. Renowned for specializing in high-profile C-suite placements across specialty industries, the firm has transitioned from traditional to cutting-edge recruitment tools, particularly by adopting Crelate. This marks a significant transformation for both The Chatham Group’s business, and the businesses they serve.

The Challenge
Historically reliant on a paper-based system, and then PCR, the Chatham Group struggled with integration issues, lack of user friendliness, subpar customer service, and ultimately reduced productivity. The firm’s subsequent move to Bullhorn wasn’t a perfect fit either, as the firm encountered onboarding difficulties, a three-month lag in billings, and the loss of candidate data. There was a clear need for a more efficient, user-friendly system that could integrate communication and offer robust reporting features.

Why Crelate?
Crelate emerged as the beacon for the Chatham Group. Crelate’s enrichment tool facilitating enhanced contact data for candidates paired with the easy-to-use, fun user interface, and other powerful features like pipeline management and sequencing, helped improve The Chatham Group’s communication with candidates. This proved to be game-changing, turning recruitment into a more engaging, and more efficient, endeavor. The Chatham Group sang additional praises for the professional and enjoyable collaboration with Crelate’s internal teams.

“Crelate’s seamless transition redefined our recruiting metrics, delivering a staggering 18% increase in productivity.” – Alden Galvanek

18% Increase in Productivity

Implementing Crelate has profoundly impacted the Chatham Group’s hiring efficiencies.

18% Reduction in Costs

Crelate’s built-in features and reporting capabilities afforded the Chatham Group significant cost savings.

14% Decrease in Time-to-Fill

Crelate’s streamlined processes and advanced tools have measurably reduced the time required to fill positions.

The transition to Crelate resulted in an 18% increase in engagement, as its user-centric interface prompted widespread adoption among The Chatham Group team. The automated sequencing features notably enhanced candidate engagement and streamlined administrative tasks, vital for efficient recruiting. Moreover, communication with job boards became more effective and cost efficient, tangibly increasing The Chatham Group’s return on investment.

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