Customer Case Study: Boaz Partners

Boaz Partners: Elevating Executive Search with Crelate

The Company
Boaz Partners has been serving the specialty chemicals, animal health, and advanced materials markets with their executive search services since 2008. In that time, they have grown from 2 to 18 employees, and grown their candidate database to well over 100,000 records. By concentrating on sector-specific knowledge and relationships, combined with Boaz’s proprietary Dimensional Search® methodology, the firm delivers swift and precise leadership recruitment uniquely tailored to client requirements.

The Challenge
Lindsay Brightwell, the Director of Research at Boaz Partners, identified several pain points with the firm’s previous recruiting platform:

  • Inadequate visualization and accessibility of data, making it difficult for the team to navigate through a vast database of over 100,000 candidates.
  • A lack of a comprehensive training program resulted in inefficiencies, particularly for new team members.
  • Duplicated efforts in data management, including inputting information from their ATS into Excel.

The Solution
Crelate met Boaz Partners’ needs with several key features:

  • A unified interface across the platform, providing a single-screen view to all features, including candidate tracking. This enhances visibility by allowing users to access key information from a central location.
  • Customizable candidate stages and the ability to filter and access records in one place.
  • Pre-built graphs for KPI tracking, assisting in performance analysis and identifying trends and opportunities.
  • A sales process specifically tailored for lead tracking, crucial for business growth.
  • One-on-one meetings with integration specialists from the Professional Services team for a thorough transition process.
  • A comprehensive training program, Crelate Academy, provided by Crelate to ensure a smooth handoff.

Streamlined Processes

After implementing Crelate, Boaz experienced a significant increase in leads, connects, job orders, and placements due to streamlined processes.

Increased Efficiency

With Crelate, Boaz was able to eliminate the need for duplicating data entry efforts, with customized reporting aligned with various team functions.

Clear Metrics

Boaz Partners experienced enhanced forecasting and internal decision-making thanks to Crelate’s clear pipeline performance metrics.

The Results
Boaz Partners’ partnership with Crelate demonstrates the transformative power of a capable and user-centric CRM and ATS solution. The significant improvements in candidate management and business processes underscore the value of choosing a system that not only meets the current needs of a business but also supports its long-term success and scalability.

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