Crelate Sprints to #7 on GetApp

Crelate #7 Applicant Tracking Software According to GetApp

Crelate is happy to announce that our ATS app has surged ahead two spots on GetApp for Q2 of 2017. This time Crelate was ranked #7. GetApp reviews over 3,700 apps that help businesses grow and prosper.

GetApp’s Category Leader rankings showcase the top cloud-based business apps for 27 different product categories including applicant tracking, CRM, and marketing. 

Whether it’s a first-time software buyer or a business looking to make the switch from one product to another, Category Leaders gives a comprehensive list of the top solutions using a unique, five-factor scoring methodology.

GetApps Methodology for Ranking System

Each factor is worth a maximum of 20 points, for a total potential score out of 100.

  1. User reviews– based on the number, average rating, and recency of reviews
  2. Integrations– based on native integrations listed on GetApp  the availability of an API, and Zapier integration
  3. Mobile– based on the availability and rating (from Google Play and App store) of an Android and iOS app, or the mobile responsiveness of its web app
  4. Media Presence– based on the number of followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook
  5. Security– based on a security survey developed by GetApp, modeled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form

This scoring system ensures that the ranking is completely independent of any commercial relationship that GetApp has with software vendors.

Starting in Q1 2017, GetApp added additional components to its scoring methodology to provide even more valuable data to the ranking.

Reviews: Constant software updates mean that reviews don’t have an infinite shelf life. The more recent your product reviews are, the better your score will be. We’ve also incorporated reviews from our sister sites Software Advice and Capterra for even more data.

Integrations: We know that building native integrations with hundreds of apps isn’t always possible, and often times unnecessary. That’s why we’ve added a component to the scoring giving weight to integration with popular integrations platform Zapier, as well as an additional point for having an open API.

Mobile: Not every cloud-based software has a native iOS or Android app, and that’s okay- not every software needs it. But mobile adaptability is still an important component, which is why we’ve added five points for software with a mobile compatible site.

Using this list as a point of reference, software buyers and small business owners can get a good sense of the market landscape for whichever software they are looking for.

We are excited to be #7 and are looking forward to moving up higher as we continue to improve and grow Crelate Talent. To check out a free demo please contact our friendly Customer Success Team! 

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