4 Ways a Recruiting CRM can Improve Productivity

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With more and more jobs created, recruiters are busier than ever scouring the market for talent and providing companies with great candidates. Recruiters need to maximize their productivity if they want to take full advantage of all of the opportunities the hot market is presenting them.

One of the best ways a recruiter can boost their productivity is by utilizing the capabilities of a recruiting CRM. Here are four ways that a recruiting CRM can improve a recruiter’s productivity.

1. Multi-Channel Communication

Whether you’re waiting for a candidate response or playing phone tag with a client, gaps in communication can drag down your productivity. A great way to improve communication and work more efficiently is to use an integrated system that’s convenient for your candidates.

You’re busy, and so are your candidates. Don’t let days go by waiting for you and your candidates’ schedules to align to hop on the phone. Instead, shoot them a text message to accelerate the communication. Text messages enable on-the-go communication that are perfect for the multi-tasking requirements of recruiting. Best yet, with a dynamic recruiting CRM all of the text messages you and your candidates share will be saved to their candidate profile next to your call logs, interview notes, and email exchanges.

2. Microsoft Office Cloud Integration

There are two general ways to improve your productivity as a recruiter. First, you can improve the way you work by using different processes or systems that enable you to work more efficiently. Second, would be to eliminate work by replacing a process or system with automation. Having a recruiting CRM that features Microsoft cloud integration is one of the rare productivity enhancers that do both.

Through cloud integration, recruiters can immediately eliminate the glut of time spent utilizing offline Microsoft documents. Downloading spreadsheets, uploading documents, and making collaborative edits slow recruiters down. With cloud integration, all documents can be accessed in seconds and edits are synced in real time.

Cloud integration also improves productivity by improving how recruiters work. Ever had to re-create a document because a document was lost or saved improperly? We’ve all been there. With your changes saving to the cloud, recruiters can work with the peace of mind that all of their work is safe.

3. Improved Analytics

With a recruiting CRM collecting and analyzing data in real time, recruiters can evaluate their process faster and more intelligently. Whether you lose a placement and want to discover where you specifically missed the opportunity, or if want to identify areas of your process to accelerate your productivity, the business analytics within a recruiting CRM enable recruiters to find those insights fast.

Pull sales charts, historical comparisons, productivity metrics, successful placements-there’s no shortage of recruiting analytics that a recruiting CRM can pull.

4. Expedited Sourcing

Ask any recruiter what task they’d like to spend less time doing, and chances are the answer is going to be sourcing. A recruiting CRM offers recruiters a time-saving solution to this age-old pain point, as it automates a proactive sourcing process.

A recruiting CRM greatly expedites the sourcing process. How? It can filter candidates based on the qualifications you input, promote open positions through sharable job postings, and integrate all of the information within one system.

The mindless frustration spent filtering through spreadsheets can be replaced and improved through the sourcing capabilities of a recruiting CRM.

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