Takeaways from NAPS 2019 Conference

Takeaways from the NAPS conference

What we learned and shared during the NAPS conference in San Antonio

We had another successful event sponsoring the NAPS annual conference. Hundreds of recruiters and recruiting firm owners join each year for the NAPS event to transfer recruitment knowledge and ideas.

During the event in San Antonio, the Crelate team had many opportunities to meet with customers to share recent product improvements and learn about emerging industry trends. 

Throughout keynotes and different sessions, we noticed there was a focus on high performance cultures. Bruce Tulgan, a keynote speaker, discussed his free guide: Building a Winning Culture of Attraction, High-Performance, and Retention. He stated that the number one issue troubling today’s business leaders is the increased difficulty of recruiting, motivating, and retaining top talent.

Tulgan noted that organizations today are being affected by:

  • Decreasing average durations of employment
  • Unplanned turnover rates are increasing
  • Open-positions and employers seeking talent are increasing
  • The time it takes to hire a candidate is going up

During the keynote, Tulgan shared interesting anecdotes about the top reasons why people leave jobs within the first three months. A lot has to do with recruiters overselling roles in a competitive low unemployment environment. For instance, a recruiter tells a candidate about a role with vague benchmarks, unlimited PTO, pet friendly offices, etc. But then when the new employee starts, they’re quick to realize that their expectations weren’t close to the reality.

Tulgan states that it’s better for recruiters to leave a position unfilled than to fill it with the wrong person. He shared five steps recruiters can take to confirm they are actually hiring the best candidate for every role. 

  • Step One: Scare away unqualified/uninterested talent. Once you’ve sold the job to someone, try to scare them away with the downsides of the job. Truly interested and qualified candidates will not get scared away.
  • Step Two: After you scare away those who aren’t a fit. Test the remaining candidates. This will give recruiters an understanding of someone’s aptitude for the key skills that the job requires.
  • Step Three: Behavioral interviewing helps candidates convey a story so that recruiters and hiring managers can see how a candidate handles situations and demonstrates success.
  • Step Four: Recruiters should give a realistic job preview. Whether is a probationary hiring period, a realistic internship, or a tag along with someone who has a similar role in the organization
  • Step Five: Act quickly to close the deal and then keep in touch with these people to make sure they’re successful in their new role.

Tulgan goes into detail on these five steps and other methods of overcoming the talent shortage in his free guide.

At the Crelate booth (#19) CEO, Aaron Elder, was present alongside members of the Crelate Customer Success team giving demonstrations of the industry’s fastest recruiting software. We also received feedback on the Crelate roadmap: including a client engagement portal, recruitment marketing tools and beyond.

Many attendees of the NAPS conference participated in a good cause by selecting a talent-focused charity for Crelate to donate to. The Crelate team is excited to share that donations were given to Hopelink and Chrysalis. Both organizations are empowering people through jobs and employment.

Thanks to everyone that made Crelate’s presence at the NAPS conference so successful! We look forward to NAPS 2020!

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